Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What WE Wore Wednesday V.2

I thought it was totally fun doing What WE Wore Wednesday last week, so I decided to do it again this week!  But this time I'm hitting you with 4 lovely ladies (okay 3, plus little 'ole me) and their fashions from Cute Apartment's big birthday celebration!

pleated poppy

(L-R: Cute Apartment, Fashionista, Kindergarten Teacher, and Me)
Unfortunately I don't have a great picture of all of the wonderful girls who were out that night, nor do I have one that shows off all our cute shoes together!  Take my word for it - we were a good looking birthday-celebrating crew!

Birthday Girl Cute Apartment's Outfit
Birthday Crown: decorated by the crafty birthday girl herself!
Dress: Forever 21
and check these shoeszies out:
(Also, the little weiner dog is a cutie too.)

Fashionista's Outfit
Jeans: J Brand

Kindergarten Teacher's Outfit
Sweater: Nordstrom
Top: Target

My Outfit
Skirt: Pink Ice

Here's another look at me and Fashionista's outfits:

Glow stick glasses courtesy of Party City.

remember when I said there would be lots of signature "lovin' life" picture taking during the birthday festivities?

Oh, there was.


Kate said...

We definitely were one good birthday celebrating crew!

Kim said...


No Model Lady said...

Oh those shoes!! Are those sparkles?!?

Love Glasses said...

nice post

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