Monday, August 25, 2014

Baby Girl Emma: Month Seven

This update is ridiculously overdue, and will be followed by her 8-month update, as she is already less than 4 months away from the big O-N-E.  To that, I say a big W-T-F, where did the time go?

 What's new? A TOOTH!  Emma surprised the hell out of me when one morning, she brought my hand to her mouth and showed me the sharpest little tooth poking out!  Her first tooth appeared on her bottom right side.

Stats: No doctor's appt this month, but Emma is probably around 21 pounds.
Hair: Still rocking the light reddish brown.
Eyes: STILL BLUE.  Never thought I'd have a blue eyed baby, but I don't know if these eyes are changing colors!

Clothes: 9-month clothes fit perfectly for pretty much everything.  She has a pair of 12-month jeans in her drawer and 2 12-month bathing suits.

Sleep: She's a rockstar.  She sleeps 7pm-6am and rarely wakes MOTN anymore.  When she does, it is usually a minute or two of fussing before getting comfortable again.  Even going to bed is pretty seamless now, rarely a cry - lots of moving around in crib some nights, but minimal fussing.  Naps are another story - she is a cat napper.

Feeding: Emma started to really eat solids this month, and by the end of her 7-month, we were doing two "meals" a day in addition to nursing (mornings, evenings, and weekends) and bottles.

Likes: Sitting up, playing with her little shape toys, going for walks in her stroller

Dislikes: NAPPING.
Mama Update: I finally started feeling like I really have the hang of this thing now.  I don't second guess every little thing I'm doing anymore (just every other, probably).


7.8.14: Scooting backwards!

7.10.14: First tooth!  Bottom right.  The second tooth, bottom left, came just a few days later!

Looking Forward To: More summer fun in the sun!! Pool time, river trip, and more!

Nicknames: Chicken, Chicken Girl, Angel Baby, Angel Girl
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