Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Month of Love Comes to an End

In February...

We watched the Superbowel at not one, but two family homes - first half at Gardening Mom's with regionally appropriate food (Maryland crab cakes and San Fransisco sourdough bowls hello!) and the second at Grandma Beach Bum's with a super yummy dinner to end the night!

Aunt Fancy Chef and Uncle Lighting took us to a lovely dinner filled with stories, laughter and a little wedding ring chatter.

We went bowling (at the most ghetto bowling alley I've ever been to, mind you) with some of Handsome Husband's law school pals.

We had a miniature goodbye with Best Friend Fashionista as she headed off to NYC to start this most exciting chapter in her life.  It wasn't too traumatic, being that we would be seeing her in mere days when we rendevouzed in the Big Apple on our vacation.

HH's family hosted another quarterly Family Poker Tournament - keep an eye out for some good news from that coming soon on the blog!

This, my friends, is what marriage looks like.
(Not sure what I'm praying for here - maybe for HH to relax!)

We hosted a little triple-date breakfast at our house for Twin Beauty School and The Bouncer; and Best Friend Cute Apartment and Number Cruncher.  We killed quite a few bottles of champagne - and by we, I mostly mean HH, myself, Cute Apartment and Numbers.  Beauty School and Bouncer are way more responsible than us!

I got hit with quite the case of a nasty cold that was followed with some horrific allergies.  Needless to say, our Valentine's Day was very romantic - it included me sleeping drugged up on cold meds and HH studying.  Ahh, love.

Handsome Husband and I attended our first "Law School Prom" as were calling it - otherwise known as Barrister's Ball.  It was so much fun, and I am truly so delighted to be meeting all of these wonderful future lawyers, but more importantly future and current friends.

HH, myself and Cousin Study Buddy at "Law Prom"

After a fun morning-after breakfast with our Law Prom pals, we headed down to San Diego to celebrate the homecoming of an old friend of HH's, World Traveler! WT was in the Peace Corps, and we literally had not seen him since HH graduated college back in 2010.  It was so nice to see him, it was as if no time had passed since HH and him had seen each other.  Aren't those the best kinds of friends? 

World Traveler in the middle - he looks so worldly, no?

I had the best ever day off work for President's Day.  A morning of sleeping in; an afternoon of lunch with my favorite girl, Cute Apartment; and a couple glasses of wine with Cousin Study Buddy?  Just what the doctor ordered.

To avoid packing for our vacation, I headed to dinner with Ms. Art Teacher (who is actually no longer teaching art, but whatever).  It was overdue (as it always seems to be, damn busy adult lives!), but as wonderful as always.

And of course - we headed out on our vacation. 
That we are on as you read this blog post!
Not to worry, full recaps to come upon our return.

In March?  We'll both turn ancient (read: 25), Tutor Girl is having a wittle baby, Hat Dad and Cousin Study Bud are having birthdays, and Easter is happening.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Quotable Tuesdays

Thank you for making me better, HH.
Happy Anniversary, to the love of my life.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Guest Post: Shellsea from Heartfelt Happenings

Hello Stress Case readers! I am so glad to be here today as Casey and her Handsome Husband embark on their exciting East Coast trip.

I'm Shellsea and I blog over at Heartfelt Happenings. You might know me here as Tutor Girl, just picture lots of books and an arsenal of teaching strategies. When I'm not doing that I'm mom to one of the busiest toddlers in the world. Outside of that, is my amazing husband {who is Casey's Handsome Husband's cousin}he is my best friend and we plan to have many grand adventures.

Recently on my blog I mentioned three places I would want to visit.

I listed New York City as one of them and I am sure I've mentioned it more than once.

I would love to travel back East one day.

And, not because it would be an awesome place to see, but because it's where my paternal grandparents are from.

My grandfather's family grew up in Elmsford, New York. Since I was younger I've always heard stories from my older aunt and uncles about NY. My aunt attended Saint Jean Baptiste High School in Manhattan just as her mom and aunts had done before her. I've heard stories about how my great grandfather was principal in Elmsford and that bunches of our family lives there. Or how my aunt would walk to school in cold NY winters and how she didn't learn to drive until she was in her thirties!
My father is a couple years younger than his older siblings and was born and raised in California {just like me!} NY always sounded like a neat place to visit and not just for the family ties. For all the obvious reasons too.

Even though my husband has been to many places on the East Coast like Philadelphia and DC he's never been there. It's something I want to experience together for the first time. A memory for us to add to our love story.

I have a feeling tv and movies only give part of the picture.
I want to stroll though Central Park holding hands with the love of my life.
Visit the Statue of Liberty for all the history.

And of course see that famous New York skyline...

And, to make a truly memorable trip we'll go for the coming Formula 1 Race. My hubs is a big fan!

Thanks for having me Stress Case readers! I know I can't wait to see all of Casey's breathtaking photos from her trip!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Things Thursday: Things Currently On My Mind

For a blog named Stress Case, there hasn't been a whole lot of stress mentioned on the blog as of late.  Partially because I am getting slightly more relaxed in more old age (this next birthday is going to kill me), and partially because I have just really sucked it up as a blogger as of late (see below for more on that).

I digress.

1. The fact that I have approximately 10% of my wardrobe in my car and need to bring it inside, wash most of it, and pack tonight for our East Coast Vacation.

2. All of the crazy violence that has been going on lately.  We're talking ex-cops gone nutso, a murder followed by shooting rampage that started a fourth mile from my home, and the horrific but less recent school shooting and movie theater shooting that still weigh heavily on my mind and heart.  I thought about writing an entire post about these (most recently about the shooting in Ladera Ranch, California), but thought it would come across as both inappropriate (I was not affected by any of these personally, who am I to be freaking out about it), and depressing.

3. Our joint birthday party (Hubs and I are just a week apart) that is fast approaching.  PS Is it totally inapprop to throw yourself a birthday party?  I figure I can get away with it since it is for both of us.  Thoughts?

4. On the same note - turning 25, in general.  Lots of mixed feelings about this one, y'all.

5. How inspiring Sister Swimmer is with her ongoing and expanding dreams of helping others - sister is on her way to Peru in the next few weeks for a mission trip.

Sister Singer (in blue) on her 2011 trip to Haiti.

6. Our San Diego friends and how much I miss them.  Here's to hoping we'll be seeing them at our upcoming birthday!

With our SD friends in SD, May 2011

7. How happy I am to be still completely and totally in love with my very Handsome Husband after almost two years of wedded bliss.

Our Wedding, February 26, 2011

8. The awesome things HH is doing in law school: kicking butt in classes, securing externships for the summer, and my favorite - meeting some really wonderful new friends!

A bunch of future lawyers...and me.

9. Friends, family, and the funny way dynamics change over time.  This one's vague, I know, but some things gotta stay private.

10. How insanely excited I am to see Aunt Delaware and company out on the east coast in less than 48 hours!

The last time I saw my Aunt Delaware - 2 years ago at our wedding!

Friday, February 15, 2013

5 on Friday

1. I have been super nasty sick this week, and it has been no fun!  Every once in a while, I think "wow it's been a long time since I've gotten sick" and inevitably, days later, I am hit with a nasty bug. 

2. Tutor Girl and I have got something fun planned for you coming next month - spoiler alert: we've done it once before, and it was sweet!

3. I can't believe this time next week I will be running around like a chicken with her head cut off to finish packing and head out for our week long East Coast Vacation!

4. I have a super awesome giveaway coming up (that was actually supposed to happen this week, but this little sickness of mine threw a wrench in my plans), that involves the following: chevron, hot pink, and fabulousness.

5. Can we just talk about how I am turning 21 for the fourth time in exactly one month?  Depressing.

Being sassy on my 21st birthday. 
My actual 21st, that is.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Vows

When Handsome Husband and I got married, we did not write our own vows.  He was not keen on the idea, and I really thought there was something beautiful about using vows that so many before you have used in their weddings, so we kept it traditional.

Recently, I had a thought.  If I was to write my vows today, almost two years into this adventure called marriage, what would I say?  Here goes nothing.

Handsome Husband,
I love you.  I love that you are my husband, and that I can still do something as cheesy and dorky as writing vows to you post-nuptually.  You are the best person I could have ever picked to share my life with, and if I had the choice I would pick you ever second of every minute of every day for the rest of my life.

I truly can't believe how lucky I am sometimes.  I have you in my life to grow old with, and to grow up with - and how totally awesome is that?  We are somehow so alike and so very different at the same time.  You are my perfect counterpart and I am so glad I realized that when I did.

I love that you make me laugh like no one else.  I love that you remain calm when I meltdown into a puddle.  I love your red hair and I love that you love your red hair.  I love the way you care about traditions, and family, and keeping relationships with friends.  I love your laugh, your smile, and your sense of humor.  I love your charisma and the fact that everyone remembers you after meeting you once (even if they might call you Shawn a few times).  I love how intelligent you are, and how learning about the law excites you.  I love that you do the laundry and almost never even complain.  I love that you love my cooking, and tell me that every time I make something.  I love the way you love my friends, and that my friends are truly your friends too.

Most of all, I love the way you love me.  The way you make me feel like no matter what, you are in this thing for good and we will take each thing on as we come to it.

Here we are, about to celebrate our 2-year-anniversary and deep in the midst of this exciting life we share together.  We have accomplished so much: both graduated and begun our careers, you are knee-deep in law school, we bought a home together - I am proud of you, and I am just us proud of us as a unit.  We are going to do even bigger things together, I just know it.

I promise to love you forever and ever and ever.  I promise to not only support you in all that you do, but challenge you as well.  I promise to read your cover letters and resumes, and even your writing assignments (once they've already been turned in, of course!).  I promise to let you put Tapatio on everything I make, even though I still think it's sort of an insult.  I promise to never be that wife who doesn't let you go out with the guys, practice your hobbies, and have a life that's not all about me.  I promise to one day be a good mom to our children and to never ever talk bad about their father in front of them.  I promise to immerse myself even more in your family, so I can truly be a "M" family lady.  I promise to continue to get tangled up in the sheets every night, because I really can't help it.

With this vow, I, again, give you my whole heart for my my whole life.

I love you.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yes and No to the Grammys

YES to this stunning look:

No, no, NO to this idiotic decision:
YES to TSwift singing along, looking like she is having a hell of a good time.
No to TSwift exploiting every guy that looks her way to more attention.  Read: English accent during the opening number.
YES to too much boob (is there even such a thing?).
No to too much (or the entire) leg.
What were your Grammy yes/no's?

Monday, February 11, 2013

The One Where I Get My Own Razor

I have been sharing a razor with my husband for as long as I can remember.  Is that gross?  Never weirded me out, but who knows
Anyways, I have always thought that mens' razors must give a closer, smoother shave and that I would never switch to a razor made specifically for women again.  It worked for me, it was less clutter in the shower, and it didn't gross HH out.
That is, until BzzAgent offered up a free Shick Hydro Silk razor.  I don't turn down free stuff, okay - it's not in my DNA.  So I accepted and eagerly awaited my new lady razor.  I'll be honest, I was expecting it to suck, and figured I'd use it once and then toss it.
Well I was wrong, this lady razor was not only super cute (something only a lady would care about), but the handle was so much easier for me to hold on to.  I can't tell you how many times I've almost cut a toe open by dropping HH's razor THISclose to my foot in the shower.  The chunky rubbery blue handle was easy to grip, and I didn't drop it once.
Let's talk about the important stuff: the shaving.  I.  Was.  Shocked.  Currently (about 12 hours post shave) I have the smoothest legs (and other areas, ifyouknowwhatImean) that I've had in years.  I think the moisturizing serum built in to the razor really makes a difference - I didn't even feel like I had to use lotion after the shower!
I am so happy to have gotten this razor from BzzAgent, I may never go back to HH's razor again! 
I was given a Shick Hydro Silk razor through BzzAgent for review.  All words and opinions are my own.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Adventures in Pinterest: Monogram Dish Towels

Oh my goodness, y'all, these turned out so cute.  You better believe a few are going to land on my oven in the very near future.

I made these sweet towels for Mother-in-Law Red and her boyfriend as they celebrated their new abode at their housewarming in late January.

My Pinspiration:

My Creation:
These were so easy, and I personally think they turned out just darling.  It was my first time using an exact knife and making my own little stencil and my first time using fabric medium!  There are some detailed instructions at the first link, and they as super helpful.  The only thing the first link doesn't note is how exactly to use the fabric medium - it should say on your bottle, but mine was 1 part medium and 2 parts of your paint.  Hopefully these will stay as adorable as they are not post washing machine. 

Linking up with: The Vintage Apple, Something Swanky, Vintage Wanna Bee, Ginger Snap Crafts, Lil Luna, I {Heart} Nap Time, A Diamond in the Stuff, Live Laugh Rowe, 504 Main, Tatertots and Jello, Be Different Act Normal, Six Sisters' Stuff, C.R.A.F.T., Delightful Order, House of Hepworths, Positively Splendid, BEAUtiful Mess/Keep Calm and Carry On, Southern Lovely, Someday Crafts

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Now That I've Found You

I've got everything, my dear.

I could watch this music video on repeat for hours.
1. These two look so in love, and who doesn't love love?
2. Makes me think of my sweet Handsome Husband.

Monday, February 4, 2013

ABC This is Me

Try not to be jealous of my ability to come up with the cheesiest possible titles for posts.  It's a gift.
I have quite a few new friends (read: followers...but I wish you'd be my friend!) around these parts (shoutout to Becky for sending so many this way!), and I wanted to take a moment to tell you a little bit about myself.
We've all seen the ABCs of Me survey, and it's just a little...cheesy for my tastes (shocking I know with the above title).  So I've come up with my own 26 snippets to help introduce myself to you new followers! 
12-years-old is the age I was when I met my very Handsome Husband.
I'm a beer girl, but only cheap beer.  My favorite is Bud Light - just call me white trash.
My name is Casey, spelled...well C-a-s-e-y.  It's not KC, it's not Kacie, and it's sure as shit not Kaycee.
I'm not a dog girl.  I've tried it, and the sad truth is: every puppy I've gotten in my adult age has been in my house for less than a week before it had to go to a new home.  Maybe one day, but not anytime soon.
I'm all for chivalry, but I have this weird obsession with reminding my husband that we are equals.  Fight on, feminists!
I just went to Florida for the first time ever last summer, when my darling sisters, my Handsome Husband and I went to Disneyworld in June!
My Gardening Momma is one of my all-time favorite people, she is not just a momma, but a best friend too.
My Hat Dad is also one of my favorite people.  I especially love how excited he looks to see me as of late - the perks of finally moving out.
I would really like to treck it out to Idaho one year with Tutor Girl and company, because their photos look gorgeous and I want to see it for myself!
Is it just me, or is January the most boring month?  It takes me half the month to get over the fact that it's not Christmas anymore, and the later half I'm just looking forward to Valentine's Day.  Snoozefest.
I had three girls in my wedding whose names started with K (and two including myself that started with C), there were a whole lot of K-k-k sounds going on that night.  PS one of my K-friends is now an exfriend, sad but true - you can read about that HERE.
I love my husband in a creepy way.  Like so much it hurts sometimes.  I truly wonder whether everyone feels this way about their significant others, and whether he's just really really special.
I got married on February 26, 2011 - that's right we're about to hit our second anniversary, people!  Sometimes it feels like it's been all of about 2 minutes, and others it feels more like 20 years.
I have wanted to go to New Orleans forever, but I have an incling I will not love it.  I mean, I hate crowds, dirty places, and touchy feely folks.  I like beads and boobs though, so there's that.
I was an only child for an entire six years, before Sisters Singer and Swimmer came crashing into my world.  Life was even more fun after those two rugrats came along though - you can read the letter I wrote to them on their graduation day HERE.
My HH and I were party people in college.  We lived in a house full of roommates (I was the only girl, might I add), and we hosted quite a few shin-digs in our day.
I have this grand idea that I am going to make a quilt of every souvenir-y type T-shirt I've ever acquired.  So I've got them all still.  Something tells me they are never making it into a quilt.
I have an inappropriate obsession with rhinestones.  I like to put them on just about everything. In fact, one time I had to take my phone to the Apple store to have them remove one from my headphone jack.  Thank God that's the only odd place I've gotten one stuck.
My maiden name was Smith.  And now I can barely spell my last name.  Seriously, you can read about the time I misspelled it HERE.
I run a little series here on the blog called Quotable Tuesdays, where I share my favorite quotes (in pretty graphic form!) every single Tuesday.  I don't think I've missed one since I started the blog, and here's an extra one just for good measure:
I have yet to attend college classes at a university.  While I'd like to say this is one of my regrets, I truly believe each decision we make shapes our life and I rather like where I've ended up, so I can't say I regret not going earlier in life.  I know I'll get there someday, I just might be the old lady who has to sit in the front row to see.
I hate velvet.  Like, if I touch it, it makes me gag.  I'm weird.
I'd really like to be a Wedding planner one day on the side.  I have a hard time beleiving I will ever find the time, finances, or energy to make that happen, but I know I would be good at it, and I know I would enjoy it.
One time (at band camp), I broke the cartilidge that surrounds one of my ribs.  I had to get an x-ray to confirm that it was not, in fact, my rib that was broken.  The result image was, let's just say, graphic.  I'll tell you this: my boobs look great on x-ray film.
I will be turning 25-years-young young this March, and it scares the living daylights out of me.  I never thought I'd be one of those women who thinks she's old at 25.  But here I am.
I truly cannot think of anything about myself that has anything to do with zebras or zig-zags (actually, I'm totally into chevron, if that counts) and those are the only words I can think of that start with Z.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Girls Weekend 2013, A Santa Ynez Valley Wine Tour Review

Last month, we headed to Solvang for our Annual Girls' Weekend.  Best Friend Swagger's Daddy-o was kind enough to take care of our accomodations for us, and we stayed in the largest wonderful room.  It was so much fun, and we're already looking forward to next year!  Currently, the possible location list is up to: Palm Springs (round deux), and Big Bear.  Do we want to escape the winter to sunny PS or settle into it in snowy BB?  Only time will tell!

The first view of our room.  Amazeballs.

Our kitchen, larger that the one I have at home.

Fold out couch that somehow managed to fit myself, Cute Apartment, Dimples and Swagger while we watched a movie Saturday night.  Fashionista kept her sickly germs to herself over on the chair.

Well that's not too bad for five girls for a weekend away, right?  Oh wait, this is just mine and Cute Apartment's stuff...

Cute Apartment and I shared the room with two little beds.

Just a glamour shot of some fake flowers to start the weekend off right.

Cute Apartment sewing my dress together so I didn't end up with a wine tour wardrobe malfunction.

Friday night was spent (before the LA ladies' arrival) with some major girl talk and wine drinking being done by Cute Apartment and myself.  After Dimples, Swaggs and Fashion showed up, we tried to peer pressure them into getting drunk with us, but alas they just sipped.

Saturday morning was met with some sad news before we even popped champage: Fashionista was sick!  It was the worst timing, and poor girl was feeling rough.  She was a tropper and tried to join us for the wine tour, but just couldn't make it and unfortunately had to head home early.  Such a bummer.  For her, because she missed out on super yummy wine and fun times.  And for us, because we missed out on her company.  

Starting off Saturday morning with some mimosas.

Note the Advil bottle in the background.  Necessary.

After some mimosas and some ineffective Pepto Bismol (for Fashion), we were picked up for our wine tour.  I cannot say enough good things about The Grapeline Wine Country Shuttle.  Our tour guide's name was Kris, and she was fanstastic.  Truly, the entire day was wonderful - and incredibly reasonably priced in my opinion!  Our total was $109/person, but it included tastings at four different wineries (at least 6 tastings at each one, more at some), lunch, and transportation with a pick-up and drop-off at your hotel.  If you are looking to do a wine tour in the Paso Robles, Santa Barbara (this is where Solvang is considered), San Luis Obispo or Temecula area, do yourself a favor and book with The Grapeline.  Cute Apartment and I are even considering a sequel wine tour in March, but this time in Temecula! 

Our favorite wine tour guide ever, Billy, showing us all about how wine is made at the Curtis Winery.  My one suggestion for this fantastic winery? Start with the tour first, because CA and I were drunk and obnoxious the whole time after eight tastings...lightweights.


Not the best photo, though I do think you can tell who the two drunk ones are.  Had to include it though since we got a quick shot with sicky Fashionista before she headed back to the hotel.

Dimples and Cute Apartment before starting our tasting at our second winery.

We were so lucky with the weather over our weekend away.  It had been really cold (for Southern California, at least) the weeks prior, but we lucked out and had temperatures in the mid seventies all weekend.  See that sunny sky in the background on the above photo?  Gorgeous.

All of us getting our drank on at Brander Winery.

Swagger and myself.

Right around this time, at Brander, is where I broke a wine glass.  I'll admit that I was a little tipsy, but truly it was an accident.  The one complaint about Brander?  The attitude little miss wine pourer had about it.  You work at an effing winery, am I really to believe I'm the first drunk asshole to knock over a wine glass?  Moving on.

Brander is also where we had our amazing lunch.  The lunch was included in the cost of our tour, and it was incredible.  It was provided by Pannino, where we happened to go back to the next day before we left town.  Because that's how good their sandwiches are.

Stopping for a group shot before we left Brander.

After Brander, we headed to Blackjack Ranch, and if I'm being honest?  They were awful.  Our host was so incredibly rude, she sort of ruined it for us at that stop.  However, we did make friends with some fun and gorgeous female attorneys from our area when we bonded over the bitch rude lady pouring. 

When we left Blackjack, we sadly headed to our last winery of the day.  At Koehler Winery, we were greeted by some a pretty arch (perfect for a photo opp, what what!) and some gorgeous vineyards we got to prance around in before our tasting began. 

Lovin' Life out in the vines

After our mini photoshoot, we headed to the outdoor tasting area and had Dan as our host, who was a total treat - especially after the nasty ladies at Blackjack Ranch.  Dan was funny, kind, and relaxed, it was a great place to end the day.  We got our last few sips in, bought a few bottles of the good stuff, and got on the bus to head back to our hotel.

Before we made it all the way to our hotel though, our new friend (who just so happens to be a news anchor for Fox in the Bakersfield area - Rob Finnerty, what what) wanted to stop in front of The Hitching Post restaurant, which is featured in the movie Sideways.  We made our way back to The Hitching Post later that night for dinner, but I think that is another story for another day.

We made our way back to the hotel, checked on our little Fashionista (who was still feel yucky, poor thing!), and ate way too much Mexican layer dip (like way too much).  We also noticed the sweetest little note on our box full of goodies from Kris, our Grapeline Wine Shuttle tour guide.

After some impromptu naps (and a little True Life: I'm a Surrogate watching done by Cute Apartment and myself), we scurried to get ready for dinner.  In our rush to get ready on time for our reservations (for the oh-so-exclusive Hitching Post), we managed to forgot the following:
1. To take a single photo of us all dressed up and cute (though, to be honest, I looked a little haggard due to the whole drinking wine for 5 hours and unplanned nap time).

2. That we were not even hungry, and most of us actually didn't feel too hot (also probably due to the whole drinking wine for 5 hours).

3. We weren't drunk, so we didn't need to call a cab.
But alas, we did not remember the aforementioned, and we rushed to get dressed, call a cab, and head to the restaurant.  I don't think we quite realized how hungover we were until we were at the restaurant, and when we did?  There was no way we were going eat our $40 steaks that we ordered seconds after sitting down.  This whole shebang was one of the dumber things I've done as of late, but it made for some really good laughs at the dinner table as we tried (and failed) to choke down our food.
After hightailing it out of The HP with a bag full of quite expensive steaks (and salmon for red-meat-avoider Swagger), we rented Sideways to truly experience Solvang from the comfort of our own couch.  Except for the fact that there were four of us on the couch, and it was not so comfortable.  The movie was...interesting.  And if we're being honest, I didn't make it all the way through, and headed to bed before seeing the end. 
The next morning we awoke feeling refreshed, and hangover free!, and after cleaning up our room a bit, we checked out of our lovely hotel and headed into town (a whopping mile or so from our hotel) to do a little sight-seeing, grab some lunch, snap a photo, and hit the road. 

Swagger is always on the lookout for a new pair of shoes.

All in all, it was a wondeful weekend with wonderful ladies.  I wish BF Fashionista had been feeling better, as I know she would have had so much fun on Saturday with us.  Now time to brainstorm for next year!
Have you ever gone on a Girls' Trip?
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