Thursday, May 31, 2012

Things Thursday: Things I Did Over Memorial Day Weekend

1. Took a half day Friday, and headed out to Palm Springs with Twins Unicorn and Beauty School.

2. Loved girl talk in the car ride from OC to PS (we love acronyms here).

3. Played some good ol' fashion drinking game classics: F The Dealer (not what we call it in my sailor-mouthed group of friends), Chum Bucket, and the all-time favorite Beer Pong.  I think I might need a post dedicated to drinking games...but will people think I am 21 and/or a lush?!

4. Felt all too old when we were ready for bed on Friday night before 11:30...what happened to staying up and watching the sun rise? 

5. Ate some fantastic pancakes courtesy of Handsome Husband, and felt grateful for a man who not only does laundry but also cooks breakfasts!

6. Realized I still suck at making pancakes.

7. Spent the day by the pool: sunning, laughing, splashing, and drinking with some of my most favorite people...and some strangers who joined us.

8. Took a little cat-nap while Best Friend Swagger posed for photos standing precariously above my head.

9. Went to the diviest little bar you ever did see, played some shuffleboard, got my groove on, and filled up on cheap bottled Bud Light.

10. Loved spending time with my friends, and my sweet Handsome Husband!

Photos to come, promise!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Conversation, Volume 1 Part III

Read about this series based on Lifetime's new show, The Conversation, HERE.
Today, more answers from the question I asked people in my life a few weeks ago:

In three sentences or less,
What would you tell your 14-year-old self?

Final installment coming next week,
where I'll share my 3 sentences,
and Cute Apartment's list (girl's a rule breaker!).

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

This memorial day, I am doing this:
After spending the weekend doing a lot of this:

Lying out in the sun by this:

And spending time with these amazing folks in Palm Springs:

Hope you had a fabulous holiday weekend!
I'm soaking up the most relaxation I get because tomorrow, it's off to Jury Duty for me.

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Chop

Last weekend I did something crazy.

Yup, I went from this:

to this:

In one short hair appointment!

I am loving it, but it is definitely an adjustment - I feel like I'm learning to do my hair all over again for the first time.  Short hair is so much different than long!

And yes of course I donated it!
Someone needed that hair a lot more than I did!

Summer 2012
Short hair, don't care!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lots of Link Love

Lots of Link Love 
Like Tara, I think it's important to emphasize the importance of community in the blog world and not only focusing on ourselves and our own blogs, but to spread lots of blog love to those who deserve it.  Every other Thursday, I will highlight the posts over the last two weeks that touched me, made me laugh, pulled at my heartstrings, and inspired me. 

What post of yours are you lovin' this week?
I'd love to read it, too!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On Gay Marriage, and Other Touchy Subjects

To be honest, there's really not going to be too many touchy subjects in this here blog post, but I liked the way that title sounded.

Moving right along...
Gay Marriage.
Honestly, I don't even like calling it gay marriage, because it's just...marriage in my mind.
Marriage is a verb,
something you do every second of every day.

It's putting someone ahead of yourself, not only because you promised to,
but because you want to.

It's supporting another person,
even when they don't deserve or ask for it.

It's loving someone,
at their best and their worst times.

It's being a family, a union, a partnership.
None of that has to do with the gender or sex of either person involved.
None of it.
I have never understood why anyone objects to gay marriage.
At the end of the day, I just don't understand why people are so offended by something that doesn't affect their daily lives.

In my never very humble opinion,
if you're not hurting anyone, who gives a shit?

I'm not going to get into a debate over the Bible on this little blog, nor am I going to say that people who don't believe in the legalization of gay marriage are wrong necessarily, I just don't get it.
As I'm sure you've heard, recently President Obama announced his support of gay marriage.
but this is something I can appreciate, and support.
And no, the timing of this announcement with the impending election is not lost on me. 

And to lighten the mood of this ultra serious blog post, I present to you, some funny stuff from Pinterest:
Source: via Kristen on Pinterest

Source: via Germaine on Pinterest

I have to be honest and say that I was hesitant to blog about such a politcal topic, but it was on my mind, and the end of the day, this is my blog, a place created for sharing my thoughts.

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Conversation, Volume 1 Part II

Read about this series based on Lifetime's new show, The Conversation, HERE.

Today, more answers from the question I asked people in my life last week:

In three sentences or less,
What would you tell your 14-year-old self?

What would you tell your 14-year-old self?
Still more answers to come!

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Hunt to Homeownership: Things Take a Turn, and We Wait

Last time I told you about our first big disappointment.  This time, I'll tell you how things took a turn in a different direction!

After we found out that our offer wasn't chosen by the sellers of that cute little picket-fence-surrounded condo, I was sad.  I had promised myself I wouldn't be, but I couldn't help it, I really loved that place, and so did my Handsome Hubs.

So, in short my mourning period, I was surprised to hear from my real estate agent that the original offer the sellers took had already fallen through, and they wanted to know if we were still interested.

Uh, yeah we're interested!
Paperwork ensued, and soon enough we were "under contract" with the owners of the home.
Unfortunately this essentially means next to nothing as we offered on a short sale.  Thus began the waiting.  The seemingly endless waiting.

And that's where we are.
Stuck waiting and waiting.

I won't tell you exactly where we are on the timeline until we get a final answer, but I'll tell you this much - we are eerily close to that last red arrow on the right, so cross your fingers and hope for a happy update soon!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Things Thursday: Things That Need to Come Sooner!

1. Memorial Day weekend in Palm Springs with some of my very favorite people: Handsome Husband, Twins Unicorn and Beauty School, The Bouncer and Best Friend Swagger.  Sun, booze, and good times cannot come quick enough.

2. My little sisters' big high school graduation.  I cannot even believe that Sister Singer and Sister Swimmer on their way to college!  That is huge to me! 

3. A weekend in Arizona with my family.  Celebrating the graduation of the youngest members of our little clan, Father's Day with Hat Daddy, and an awesome RIVERBASH with Best Cousin and company!

4. Some news on our Hunt to Homeownership...we have been waiting forever.

5. A super amazing fun trip we have planned for HH, myself and Sisters Singer and Swimmer in celebration of their graduation and 18th birthdays!  I haven't mentioned it yet here on the blog, but more details to come!

6. A day at the fair - Twin Unicorn and I are practically counting down the days!

7. Lil C's 2nd birthday - can't believe my little buddy is almost two already!

8. Finding out what Handsome Husband's class schedule will look like, buying crazy huge textbooks, and just generally getting started with the three-four year long adventure of Law School we are about to get going on!

9. Helping my sisters pick out fun stuff for their new dorm rooms, and watching them go off on their next big adventure.

10. The smell of jasmine, sunscreen, and chlorine - it's Summer!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Wedding and a Prom All in One Day?

That is the name of one of my many Facebook photo albums.

Because three years ago today, my Handsome Husband and I (when he was just my Smart Ass Redheaded Fiance) attended a wedding and a prom in one long day!

The wedding was this beautiful couple's big day:

Aunt and Uncle Reno!

And what the hell were we doing at Prom when we were 21-years-old, you ask?
Oh, well that was the theme of our party of the month - we threw quite a few parties when I lived in basically a frat house.

And this weekend?
Sisters Singer and Swimmer go to their senior prom!
(While I try to come to the realization that they are even old enough to be seniors in high school.)

Monday, May 14, 2012

The OC Tastefest, or The Time we Spent Way Too Much Money on Way Too Little Food

Last week my Handsome Husband, Best Friend Cute Apartment and her new boyfrand and myself went on a little dub-date.  I saw an event called The OC Tastefest, and anyone who knows me knows that if it has OC in it, I'm interested.  So off we went, expecting to have a fun day out at a reasonable price, being that the entire premise was small samples of food from local restaurants.

Well, it was fun.

But a frugal day out it was not.

I'm not going to get into specifics, cause you know, a lady doesn't talk cash money details, but lets just say we spent a lot more dough than we had anticipated.
We're talking $12 beers here.

But the great parts of the day?

We got to try some awesome food from some amazing restaurants.

Got to spend some time getting to know CA's new man, and the Hubs and him had some intense conversations about the stock market.

Got some sun on these paper-white shoulders.

Any day with Cute Apartment is a fun one, obviously.

And we may or may not have gotten too drunk to drive to Sister Singer's musical.
(We also may or may not have convinced Sister Swimmer's BF YOLO to come pick us up so we continue the margarita fest.)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Grateful Sundays

It's been a while since I've done Grateful Sundays, I know - but I couldn't help but talk about what I'm grateful for this Sunday.

This Sunday, on Mother's Day, I am so very grateful for my mothers.

(Before you go thinkin' I've got some big story to tell about being raised by two lady friends, you're wrong - I'm talking about my Mama and my Mother-in-Law.)

Gardening Mom

My Gardening Mom is, without a doubt, the smartest person I know.  Like so smart that she almost sound silly sometimes, like her mouth can't even get all the smartness out without mixing it up a little cause there is so much in her big 'ol brain - you know?  She is also the hardest working woman I've ever met, and has the drive of a semi.  She does not stop until something is done.  Like literally, sometimes she doesn't sleep.  It's creepy.  And also, honorable.  She instilled in me more than just the want to succeed, but the need to.  She also laughs the hardest at my jokes, and for that, I will always be grateful.

Mother-in-Law Red

Mother-in-Law Red is very very caring.  She is sweet and free with her emotions.  If she feels like hugging you, she hugs you; if she wants you to know she loves you, she tells you.  It's a wonderful feeling to be told you're loved, and MIL Red does that everytime I speak to her.  She is fun and the life of the party, and I can tell her anything without being ashamed.  She doesn't judge which is a characteristic hard to find in people.  She opened her arms to me when a lot of mothers would have wondered what the hell their sons were doing moving in with someone after months of dating.  She has always been supportive of our relationship, and for that, I will always be grateful.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Conversation, Volume 1

Have you guys seen the new show on Lifetime, The Conversation?
(No, not 7 Days of Sex but you better believe that's on my DVR to be watched too!)

The premise is so fantastic.  This journalist, Amanda de Cadenet, has these incredibly intimate interviews, that are more like conversations (see what they did there?), with famous female celebrities.

It is a must watch!

At the end, she asks them some straight-forward questions, and they are all put together in a touching montage.  It is such a wonderful look into the personal lives of these females, and makes you realize how much they really are one of us.

And that got me thinking...

Wouldn't it be great to have that kind of conversation with the people in my life?
To be able to ask a straight-forward question and get a straight-forward answer, in an intimate way to learn more about one another?

So, I sent out some emails,
and make my Facebook status one of the questions from The Conversation:

In three sentences or less,
What would you tell your 14-year-old self?
And here are some of their answers:
Stay tuned for more answers in the coming days and weeks!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lots of Link Love

Lots of Link Love 
Like Tara, I think it's important to emphasize the importance of community in the blog world and not only focusing on ourselves and our own blogs, but to spread lots of blog love to those who deserve it.  Every other Thursday, I will highlight the posts over the last two weeks that touched me, made me laugh, pulled at my heartstrings, and inspired me. 

  • Jacki talked about how she took a detour right after college, and how she never could have predicted the outcome.

What links do you think deserve some link lovin' this week?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

National Nurses Week 2012

Did you know it's nurses week? 

I can guarantee my husband doesn't know, because I have seen no impromtu flowers or cards full of admiration for my choice of career.  But that's beside the point.

Here is the thing about nursing.

It is so rewarding.
And this is coming from someone who has had a pretty rough last week or so at work.
But that's why it is so great,
mid-way through a shitty shift,
you hold a child's hand and make them feel better,
or explain something to a parent to ease their anxiety,
or simply catch a baby's unexpected laughter mid-visit,
and you're back,
and you remember why,
despite the horrible feat aches and headaches,
the demand on the job and the doctors,
and the complaints about things you have no control over,
you remember why you became a nurse:
To help people.
And we do.

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