Thursday, October 31, 2013

New Years Baby: Week 30

What's up with Baby this week? Little lady measures about 18 inches long, and is almost as long as she'll be when she's born!  She is sleeping in longer stretches now, and I can notice defined sleep and wake patterns by her movement.

Symptoms? Heartburn is still a killer, and my belly has been aching a bit this week.  Think it's just getting sore from getting so stretched out!

Gender? Girlfriend.

Excited For? Making more progress on the nursery, buying the rest of the "big" items we need, our maternity photos in a week, and my second baby shower in two weeks!

Maternity Clothes? Almost exclusively maternity outside of work, and still managing to make my non-maternity scrubs work, but will need to make some changes on that front shortly.

Sleep? Sleeping great, still!  The only problem is I can't make it through the night without one or two bathroom breaks, and it never seems to fail that the last one of the night happens just 30-45 minutes before I need to be up for work, really stealing that last little bit of sleep from me each night.

Movement? Lots of it, but she seems to be doing a lot more adjusting and moving her position than kicking and punching now!

Belly Button Status? I don't know that I'd call it in anymore, it's more...flush with the belly at this point.

Missing Anything? Sleeping on my back and stomach!


30w3d Had my first baby shower with family and family friends, and was so touched and grateful for the generous gifts from everyone!

30w4d Baby girl's dresser arrived, and Handsome Husband was quick to get it upstairs to her room and all ready to be filled with diaper goodies and clothes!
Cravings? Fruit still!

Weight Gain? My doctor says up 17 pounds. I'm skeptical. And terrified.

My how I've grown!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Shower

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to be showered with love and generous gifts from family and friends at a shower lovingly hosted by some of the wonderful ladies in Handsome Husband's family: Cousin Studdy Buddy, Grandma Beach Bum, and Aunt Fancy Chef.  I can't thank these ladies enough for their kindness and for taking time out of their busy schedules to do something special for me and our little girl.

The shower was held at Grandma Beach Bum's house, which is extra special because this little lady on the way will spend many a holiday at this home.  Grandma BB's house is the gathering hole, if you will, for this family, and it's rare when we're all together in another location.  I can't wait to see our New Years Baby grow into a little girl while celebrating big days at this house - searching for Easter eggs in the backyard, learning to play bocce ball with her Daddy, grubbing after the annual family golf tournament, and opening presents on Christmas afternoon.

I received the sweetest gifts, and lots of goodies for this little lady to use and wear!  Lots of darling clothes (because girls clothes are just too much fun!), some bath time necessities, lots of diapers (oh yeah!), and some especially thoughtful gifts like the custom print Best Friend Cute Apartment made, the monogramed bow holder from Tutor Girl, a handmade crocheted blanket from a dear longtime family friend, and the I Love NY onesie from none other than my NYC transplant friend, Fashionista.  I can't thank these ladies, and all the ladies who attended for their generosity, and for thinking of me and our baby girl.

I totally failed on taking enough photos, but I did manage to get a few with some family and friends before the day was over.

Left: Me and my Gardening Momma
Right, Top to Bottom: Fashionista and I; Cute Apartment and myself; and Sister Swimmer, me, and Sister Singer
Like the good husband and Daddy-to-be he is, HH showed up near the end of the shower to thank the hostesses and guests who remained, and obviously carrry all the gifts to our cars!

Two excited parents-to-be!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Years Baby: Week 29


What's up with Baby this week? Baby girl weighs over three pounds now and she'll be gaining a half a pound per week for the next seven weeks!  Little one is starting to regulate her own temperature, which means she'll start shedding lanugo (the body hair that's been keeping her warm until now).

Symptoms? General discomfort, and getting sore after a busy day.  I was on my feet a lot last Friday and Saturday, and by Sunday I felt like I had done major workouts and run a marathon.

Gender? Baby girl.

Excited For? My first baby shower in just days!

Maternity Clothes? I made a bunch of maternity clothes purchases I'm very excited about over the past week!  What can I say, Old Navy and Zulily were calling my name!  I still need to figure out outfits for my second baby shower, our maternity photos, and upcoming holiday events.

Sleep? It takes me a little while to get comfortable, but still sleeping through the night except for bathroom breaks.  Handsome Husband was out of town one night, and I must admit I slept like a baby when I could spread out across the entire bed.

Movement? Little miss has been very active over the past week or so.  I'm relishing it now, because I hear it will slow down a bit as she starts running out of room.

Belly Button Status? I don't know that I'd call it in anymore, it's more...flush with the belly at this point.

Missing Anything? Cocktails, dancing without feeling like a freak, my old clothes, wearing heels, and not feeling like the elephant (literally) in the room at some events.  Guess I'm missing a lot this week!


29w5d Ordered the last big piece of furniture for her room - her dresser/changer!  So excited to get it, put it together watch HH put it together, and start decorating!

29w5d Received the invitation for my second baby shower!  Getting these invitations and gearing up for these loving events make everything seem so much more real!

Cravings? Craving fruit all.  the.  time.

Weight Gain? My doctor says up 17 pounds. I'm skeptical. And terrified.

My how I've grown!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

But I'm Too Tired to Nest

I've been having that nesting feeling since about Week 20 of pregnancy.  You know - feeling like I want to clean everything up, get everything organized, get prepared.  But it doesn't end at baby related projects.  It spans across everything.  Like being really eager to do filing at work that I haven't done in weeks months.  And really itching to replace all the photographs in my home with updated ones.  And being so sick and tired of the crap covering the floor of my closet that I might just scream.

So I'm nesting.
And, at work, when I have time (which is very few and far between) I have been a rockstar.  Reorganizing cabinets.  Typing up lists to serve as me for my leave.  Filing.  I'm a labeling machine.
And then I get home.
And then all I want to do is sit on my couch, or lie in my bed.  Which leads to me feeling guilty about not checking things off my very ambitious to-do list.  Which results in me being lazy, and feeling bad about it.
I want to clean my house, I want my damn fall decorations up already, I want to go out and buy decorations for Baby M's nursery, I want to do all the things!
But I'm too tired to nest.
I hate to pull the nurse card, but I do think working on my feet for about 60% of my work day contributes to my extra exhaustion.  And though I'm not chaning my plans for now, I can sort of understand why many people (coworkers and my OB included) suggested I stop working a full month before my little cutie is scheduled to arrive.  Because when you're working like a dog, and you're growing a human, where the hell are you supposed to find the time (read: energy) to clean your closet?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Blogging with a Purpose: Give and Take

I believe all relationships are give and take.  Sometimes you're the giver, sometimes you're taking a lot.  Sometimes you're managing a pretty impressive balance of both, and sometimes the scales get tipped a bit and it can cause some tension until they balance out again.

Marriage especially is so much a balancing act.  You're balancing out your strengths and weaknesses with that of your partners.  For a compatible couple, the hope is that you're staying in tune the majority of the time.  I'd say my husband and I manage a pretty good balance most of the time.  My Handsome Husband and I have been together over five years, and I think we've gotten pretty good at acknowledging our strengths and weaknesses and making them work for our relationship.

So, if I'm so great at acknowledging them?  I'll share them with you!

My Strengths
in Marriage
 I love a lot.  I love my husband, and tell him all the time.  I don't think there is every a question in his mind that he is adored.

I'm a good cheerleader.  I give good pep talks.  My husband walks away from some our conversations feeling inspired and empowered.

I embrace family.  Though in laws are not always easy, and I certainly don't always do everything with a smile and no comment (fairly certain I have a comment for just about everything, actually), I embrace both HH's family and my own.  I plan family events, I attend nearly all I am invited to, and I encourage family time as much as possible.

I can hold my own at a work or school function.  I know HH appreciates this cause he mentions it often.  I don't need him to hold my hand when we go out with law school friends, or coworkers.  I can keep a conversation engaging just fine on my own.

My Weaknesses
in Marriage

I am messy.  Handsome Hubs is naturally much cleaner than I am, and he also rocks at chores.  Whereas, I do not.  I am by no means the picture perfect housewife with floors you can eat off.  Hell, I can hardly remember how to use the washing machine.

I am needy.  I am liberal with my I love yous, and I want them back just as much.  During times when HH is very busy (coughfinalscough), I tend to feel disconnected and really miss our quality time and his focus being on me (what can I say?  I'm spoiled.)

I have a temper.  I can get angry and I'm not the best at controlling that anger.  Poor HH is the only person who sees my temper at it's worst, I think it's because I'm more comfortable with him than anyone else in the world.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Thoughts During a Three Hour Glucose Test

Yes, I've managed to land myself in a lab for three hours to see if I can pass my second glucose tolerance test.  Hearing I didn't pass the first test sort of deserves a post itself, and the results of this one will definitely find their way to the blog at some point.

But today, I will share with you:

Thoughts During a Three Hour Glucose Test

It is sort of torturous to tell a pregnant woman she can't drink water for 12 hours.  I had to stop drinking water at midnight last night, and have been feeling like I'm stranded on a desert island ever since.

This test consists of a fasting blood draw, the consumption of a horrific sweet drink, and three more subsequent hourly blood draws.  Why, in this day and age of medical advancement, do we not have an easier way to take so many blood draws in such a short period?  Can I get a port here or something?

There's a man trying to get some bloodwork done who's doctor only put their last name on the order.  The lab people (not to be confused with swamp people) asked him for the first name of the physician.  He didn't know, but mentioned the doc was in the same building as the lab.  Instead of some super googling like I would do, the lab people insisted he go down to the doc's office and get the first name.  Ay yi yi.

Chatting with a mom and daughter pair who are super pretty (quite common here in Orange County).  They both had gestational diabetes.  They are skinny, blonde, perfect looking ladies.  This makes me feel better about maybe joining their club.

Fatigue and a headache are setting in.  This is not fun, and we still have 2+ hours and three more draws to go.

2nd draw down.  Hurt less than the first, but I feel like a nap big time.

Went to go sit in the seat next to the outlet but was shoo'ed away by a lady with a sick teenager.  While I appreciate the care, "no no don't sit near us, he's sick!" may not have been the best choice of words.

3rd draw down, one more to go.  Either that was the most painful or my patience is wearing thin.  I'm thinking a combo of the two.

A lady without a very cute three year old making conversation with me.  Asking me if this is my first, what the gender is, the typical questions.  Her son is ridiculously cute, with curly hair, and a darling little voice.  He gets a cup of water, offers his mom a sip, and then scolds her for drinking too much.  Makes me think of how excited I am for my little lady to be here, but one thing that doesn't sound fun is taking her to get her blood drawn.

Update: the cute little boy went back, got his blood drawn, and there were no tears!  I am inordinately excited for a stranger.

Baby M is kicking so hard up hear my ribs it actually is making my boobs move.  New party trick.  I love watching her move.  To me, it seems even more real than feeling her move.  It still feels crazy that there is a little person in there moving around.

15 minutes until the last draw.  The slowest 15 minutes of my life.

And finally, with a whole lot more wincing than the first three, I'm done.  Now I'm off to get a super unhealthy lunch, cause you know what?  It might be my last for eleven long weeks.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Years Baby: Week 28


What's up with Baby this week? Little one is nearly three pounds, and measures 17 inches long!  She is almost to her birth length, but will be filling out a bit more until then.  In fact, over the next 11 weeks, she'll more than double, and maybe even triple, her weight!

Symptoms? Some round ligament pains this week, and heartburn as usual.

Gender? Lady.

Excited For? My first baby shower in like a week and a half!  Also, finally making some progress on the nursery and finalizing furniture decisions.

Maternity Clothes? Scrub tops are getting to be a little uncomfortable.  At this point, thinking of switching to t-shirts instead of splurging for a maternity scrub top and looking like a tent.  I purchased some more maternity clothes for outside of work, and I think but for some special outfits I might be good for the rest of the pregnancy!

Sleep? Sleep has been getting a little more uncomfortable, but still doing okay.

Movement? Lots and lots of movement.  Little ones all the time, and fun big kicks sometimes.

Belly Button Status? I don't know that I'd call it in anymore, it's more...flush with the belly at this point.

Missing Anything? I want some damn sushi.


27w3d We played our little lady some country music, and by the feeling of her kicks, she either really liked it, or really didn't.  I'm hoping for the former!

27w4d Made some major progress on the nursery by getting our glider and ottoman ordered, thanks for my very generous parents!

Cravings? Watermelon.  Just ask Best Cousin, I practically ate an entire

Weight Gain? My doctor says up 17 pounds. I'm skeptical. And terrified.

My how I've grown!

Monday, October 14, 2013

My Super Sporty Weekend

When Handsome Husband was still just my Smart-Ass Redheaded Fiance and played college soccer, many of my weekends were filled with sports. 

I would rush out of class on Friday afternoons to head home, throw on my cheering gear, speed to the stadium and start the weekend off with a Friday afternoon or night game.  Depending on whether the team won or loss would depict how fun the rest of our evening was, but even with a loss there was usually some kind of social event to drown our sorrows at (read: drink a lot).  Saturday might be filled with a practice for HH, and some studying or errands for me, but on Sunday it was back on, with either a late morning or early afternoon game to end the weekend.  During soccer season, it felt like it consumed my life on the weekends.  There were the occasional roadtrips, but even then, often times I was glued to the computer watching live stats, hoping to see my man's name pop up as having scored!

This weekend felt reminiscent of those college soccer days, because it was overflowing with sporting events.  HH might not have been the star of them all, but it was a fun weekend, albeit a little different than our current average.

Friday after work, we headed down to San Diego to watch HH's alma mater stomp Cal State San Bernardino (sorry I'm not sorry, your girls' soccer team is annoying, and both of your teams lost!).  We stopped at the bar on campus, Home Plate, first for some beers (okay, water for me...I miss beer) and to meet up with some friends.  I love being on campus and going to games with the guys that HH used to play with in college.  It is so nice to have friends that you can go months or even years without seeing, and then meet up with on a whim, and talk (and tease each other, like the boys do) like no time has passed at all.

Saturday we had a busy day, which started off with a kickball game with some of the newbies HH has made friends with at law school.  As usual, my Handsome Hubs was the rockstar of the game, kicking it out of the park for some home runs more than once!  After the game, we were invited to attend a BBQ at Best Cousin and her awesome boyfriend's new place!  It was so nice to see their new digs, and what do you know it?  We watched some baseball upon arrival (#SuperSportyWeekend).  We stuffed our faces with some awesome food (I may or may not have have about 8 slices of watermelon), and met some nice very nice friends of Best Cousin's.  From there, we were off to see the new movie, Captain Phillips, after being invited by Aunt Fancy Chef.  We got another trip to the luxury movie theaters, and every time we go, I wonder why I ever see a movie at any other type of theater.  The movie was awesome, by the way - I'm thinking it has a few Oscar nods coming it's way.

Sunday we were greeted by a morning visit from my very own Gardening Mom to do some, what do you know, gardening!  Our little patio was in desperate need of a spruce up, and good ole GM came through, making it look a billion times better.  After some chatting with Gardening Mom and some morning lounging (time I probably should have spent checking off things on my October To-Do List), Handsome Husband and I headed to La Habra for a soccer game.  HH plays in a men's league on Sundays and I try to make it to a few games throughout the season.  It's pretty nostalgic watching my favorite guy kick the ball around.

Handsome Husband chatting with a friend pre Sunday game.

And that was my super sporty weekend.
What did you do this weekend?

Sami's Shenanigans

Friday, October 11, 2013

5 on Friday, v.5

5 Things...
...I did last weekend
1. Got my craft show on with Gardening Momma, picking up a few necessities (like push-pop fudge) while out.
2. Had some super yummy noodles at famed restaurant, Anqui.

3. Finally finished my little filing project that had sat spread out on our entire living room floor for three straight days.  I think HH is glad I'm done with that.
4. Was hosted for a lovely dinner at Baker Girl and The Esquire's brand new home!
5. Suffered through another entire episode of Homeland without Brody. my purse
1. A to-do list from about three weeks ago, that got about a quarter of the way actually done.
2. My wallet, which I am still loving.  One of the best gifts I've ever gotten!

3. My keys, of which I have an abundance.  A key for our home and our mail box.  A key to my parents' house.  A key to my clinic.  Two keys for my parents' house in Arizona.  Oh, and my car key.
4. A lipstick, and an empty tube of mascara.  Necessary.
5. About 47 bobby pins.  But don't you know it, I can still never find one when I need one!
...I watch on TV
1. As mentioned earlier, Homeland.


3. Real Housewives of... just about every city.  Beverly Hills gets started next month, woo hoo!
5. How I Met Your Mother

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

New Years Baby: Week 27

What's up with Baby this week? Baby girl is now 2.5 pounds, and almost 16 inches long!  She is perfecting even more skills this week, including blinking, coughing, sucking, hiccuping, and taking practice breaths.  Her sleep now includes the REM phase, which means she could be dreaming already!  Wonder what she's dreaming about?

Symptoms? Heartburn has come back with a vengeance this week, so that's been not so fun.  I noticed after being out and on my feet all day on Saturday that my whole body was very sore.  Thinking it's time to slow down a bit.

Gender? Baby girl.

Excited For? My first baby shower in less than 3 weeks!

Maternity Clothes? Still rocking lots of non-maternity, and wondering if I might make the whole pregnancy without buying a single pair of maternity scrubs.  My sweet Gardening Mom bought me a pretty new dress for my first baby shower over the weekend, and I'm so excited to wear it - it is ridiculously comfortable!

Sleep? Sleep has been getting a little more uncomfortable, but still doing okay.

Movement? All the time.  I'm getting a little sad thinking she'll be running out of room and I won't be feeling her quite as much soon.

Belly Button Status? In, but getting very shallow.

Missing Anything? I want some damn sushi.


27w2d Officially bought the first thing to hang on the walls of our little girl's nursery!  I've been looking everywhere for weeks, but was so glad to find a little something over the weekend.

27w4d One of the more depressing milestones of this pregnancy, I found my first teensy tiny stretch mark.
Cravings? Apples.  All.  the.  time.

Weight Gain? My doctor says up 17 pounds. I'm skeptical. And terrified.

My how I've grown!

Monday, October 7, 2013

On Babymaking: A Rainbow After the Storm

Post originally written Monday, April 29, 2013.  You can read the rest of my Babymaking journey HERE.

After losing my pregnancy last month, I expected to wait a few more months for another positive test.  I was so very scared of it happening again, in fact, that I considered breifly taking a break and regrouping my thoughts.  But, since it took us about six months the first time around, I figured we should just keep on trucking.

The more removed I got my from the chemical pregnancy, the more positive I became.  I was really starting to see the silver lining as it were that my doctor seemed so happy about.  The true good thing out of March's loss was that I knew that I could get pregnant, and so it helped me to be positive moving forward.

In the weeks following the misscarriage, I prayed a lot.  I never told anyone this, but every single day on my lunch for weeks, I would stop in the small hospital chapel and say a small prayer for not just myself, not just the pregnancy I lost and hopes of another, but for women everywhere losing babies one way or another and suffering from the very strange invisible loss that a misscarriage, and certainly an early loss, feels like.

I decided to buckle up, settle in, and get to waiting for another pregnancy and each prayer included a note that God, please let the next one be meant to end up in a baby.

You'll imagine my surprise when the very next month I got two pink lines.

Before I took a test (I'm writing this on Monday, and I got my positive test last Wednesday, for reference), I sort of had a feeling.  I felt exactly the same as the previous month, but I thought I must be just forgetting what it felt like the month prior to that.  There was no way I could be lucky enough to get pregnant twice in two months time, I thought.  But the counter-thought (this is how my brain works, a constant internal argument with myself) to that one was I haven't exactly been lucky, maybe I'm due for some good luck.

I had told myself I would wait until Friday to take a test, but simply couldn't wait anymore on Wednesday.  So Wednesday night, before sitting down to eat dinner with my Handsome Husband, I snuck off the bathroom and while I should have seen two pink lines on the test, instead I saw a rainbow.  A sweet rainbow after the storm telling me that there was going to be joy after our pain in this journey and that joy was coming sooner than I had imagined.

Telling HH was much different than last time, but more intimate in a way.  We were both surprised and delighted.  I have currently not told a single soul, which feels funny, but also sort of nice.  Nice to have a secret between just me, HH, and God, of course.  Speaking of God, do I think the prayer did it?  I don't know, but I can't imagine it hurt.

I am feeling much more positive this time around, which seems a little backwards.  But for some reason, this time just feels right.  Sure, I am scared that it will happen again and I will be choking up reading these very words when I have to edit my story again, but I sure hope that's not the case, and I feel confident it won't be.  Preparing myself for the worst last time did not help me when the worst happened.  It did not make it hurt less because I knew it might happen, it didn't ease the pain because I was not ignorant.  So this time, instead of preparing for the worst, I am hoping for the best.

And that, is our journey so far.  When this finally finds its way to the blog, I will be over 27 weeks pregnant, and as I sit here currently editing it (October 4, 2013), I'm feeling my little girl thump away in my belly.  You can read Bumpdates for this pregnancy HERE - and I'm due January 2nd!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Moving Away

Not to worry, we're not actually moving away.  Today, I'm just talking about moving away.  And why I don't think it's in our future, like ever.


Handsome Husband and I just had this conversation a few weeks ago, while en route to our breastfeeding class (an adventure in and of itself).  We talked about how much we love it here in our Orange County bubble, but of course there are cons to living in this paradise.  Negatives like...our 2-bedroom condo is worth the size of a gorgeous 5-bedroom home in some area of the country.  Cost of living is probably the one and only negative I can think of for our area.  That, and traffic, but we're so used to that - who cares anymore, you just allow for it!

So we pondered - would we ever leave this area?  Would we ever consider moving somewhere across the country - the East coast, the South, anywhere but here?

Maybe when our parents are gone, we thought.  Which is morbid, but the fact is they aren't going to be around forever, and when they're gone, would our roots to this area be gone too?  Nope, what about our siblings?  If they all start families here, we're not going to want to leave our sisters and brothers and neices and nephews. 

Maybe if one of us got a job offer we just couldn't turn down in another state.  But why would we be applying to it in the first place?  "You could get transferred" I told HH, "...if you work at a big firm."  "Maybe then," we decided. 

But what about our kids?  By the time this would even be a consideration, they would have their roots here.  Started school, made friends, been used to growing up around family.  Why would we even think about uprooting all that to an entirely different state?
We wouldn't.
So, the odds are we're not going anywhere.  Of course, I can't see in to the future, and you never know what life might throw at you, but I don't think we're going to be putting a new state's plates on our cars in this lifetime.  Hope you like us, Orange County, because we're here to stay.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

New Years Baby: Week 26

Photo taken at a black tie party for Handsome Hub's work.  I totally failed, and forgot to take a photo with our nice camera before heading to event, so iPhone photo it is!
What's up with Baby this week? Baby gets measured from head to toe starting now, and she is about fifteen inches long!  (That's like, really long!)  Little girl is starting to recognize voices this week - do you know me yet, little lady? 

Symptoms? Noticed some swollen feet, but to be fair, I was also wearing heels for a few hours before hand.  Other than that, and just getting increasingly uncomfortable in one position over time, this is a good week!

Gender? Lady.

Excited For? My first baby shower this month!!  And doing some work on the nursery, which looks the same as it did two months ago...

Maternity Clothes? Same as last week - non-maternity scrubs, probably 75% maternity outside of work.  I definitely need to do some maternity shopping soon

Sleep? Still sleeping like a rock, but not loving the wake up calls for the bathroom.

Movement? Last weekend was the most movement I've felt this pregnancy.  My little doll was bouncing all around, I actually watched my belly for five minutes as she put on a little show.  It is the best feeling, and I know it will be something I miss when she is on the outside.

Belly Button Status? In, but getting very shallow.  Also very weird feeling.

Missing Anything? I was definitely definitely missing champagne this weekend.


26w Some consider 26 weeks to be the start of the 3rd trimester!  It seems to be pretty across the board between 26-28 weeks, so I'm not officially considering myself there yet, but we're so close!
Cravings? There was one day I had to have a cheeseburger for lunch.  Thankfully the grill at work obliged me!

Weight Gain? My doctor says up 14 pounds. I'm skeptical. And terrified.

My how I've grown!

And a few extra pictures from our party last weekend:

Best Cousin, who now works at the company HH does!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October Goals

I have seen many other blogs detail their monthly goals, and then recap at the end of the month to see how well they did.  I am hopping on the bandwagon hoping that sharing with my readers might keep me a little more accountable!

October Goals
Update all the photos in our house, and add some picture frames to our TV stand in living room.
Finally paint the little table for Baby M's nursery.

Decide on and purchase outfits for maternity photos.

Organize kitchen cabinets.

Purge and organize master bedroom closet, and dresser.

Start organizing Baby M's closet - order or purchase modular unit and/or extra bar and install it!

Have HH put crib together!

Put Christmas 2013 spreadsheet together and decide what homemade gifts I'll be doing this year.

Finally clean up the remainder of the junk we pulled from the second bedroom.

Go on an honest-to-goodness real date with HH.
Get my fall decorations out, put them up, and make at least 2 more to add to our home!  And blog about them!

I'll update you on how I did at the end of the month!

Erica Ashley
Monthly Goals
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