Monday, November 12, 2012

A Day Date Gift Idea

Saturday we celebrated my Mother-in-Law's 25th birthday! 
Okay, truth be told we celebrated the big 5-0, but the woman looks so damn good you'd think she was 25!
My Handsome Husband's family all got together for brunch at Grandma Beach Bum's house to celebrate the birth of the one and only Mother-in-Law Red. 
I was totally stumped on what to get MIL Red for her birthday, because here's the thing.  MIL Red is always doing something, going somewhere, volunteering, heading off for the weekend - she's an active little lady!  So while I'm sure she would have adored a necklace, some perfume, or a sweater - I wanted to get her something more, something to do.
And then I saw an advertisement for THIS:
Apparently it's called a hydrobike, and you ride it around the harbor in Newport Beach.  This screamed MIL Red to me!  She loves the beach, the water, and all things fun!  I thought this looked like such a blast, I nearly purchased myself a pass too!
But being the fantastic gift giver that I am, I couldn't just hand her over the voucher to ride around the harbor, oh no, presentation is key.
So, I present to you, my Day Date Gift Idea:
I had read that on these nifty little hydrobikes you could take a small ice chest with you, so I purchased one from Amazon and then made it my own (what would a gift from Stress Casey be without some added rhinestones?).  To add on to MIL Red's future day of fun (who I'm sure she can't wait to share with her beau!), I added some fun fruit sodas, some treats and a gift card to a restaurant walking distance from the Hydrobike location! 
I hope you have fun on your Day Date that I planned for you, MIL Red!  And I hope your 50th birthday was all you hoped it would be, and more!


lil desiqua said...

That's such a great idea! Love that you added a few extra touches to make it more personal!

Danielle Douglas said...

SO cute, wha a great gift!

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