Monday, November 5, 2012

Four Things

Four Things I Did 10 Years Ago

1. Start high school.

2. Begin to meet some of the people who would be lifelong friends.

Best Friends Fashionista, Does it All and Swagger

3. Go to the first ever American Idol tour, which just so happened to be my first concert ever.  Late bloomer over here.

4. Broke my first heart.  And it wouldn't be last, what can I say.

Four Things I Did 5 Years Ago

1. Date a really douche-y guy for way too long.

2. Moved out of my parents' house for the first time and into LA County, for the last and only time.

3. Unknowingly went on my last dud of a first date.

4. Quit my job in shopping center marketing, and worked a short internship for a music marketing company.

Four Things I Did Yesterday

1. Opened a lot of very generous and lovely housewarming gifts that we received at our lovely Housewarming Party last Saturday.

One of the only photos of my spread that I worked so hard on - thanks for taking it, BF Fashion!

2. Suffered from a nasty lil hangover - also a parting gift from our Housewarming party.

3. Took our Holiday Card photos - check another thing off the list!

4. Got to have a wonderful breakfast with Twin Oh Yeah and Future Dr. Babies at the best place eva - Original Pancake House! 


Erin said...

What a coincidence, I was dating a really douchey guy 5 years ago too ;) Oh the things we learn!

And that spread looks AMAZING, glad you had such a fun/successful housewarming party! I'm hoping to take our holiday card pics this weekend or next!!

Julie said...

We got to take a holiday photo ourselves for our card - thanks for the reminder!

Delainey said...

Im dying to get our Christmas cards together! My husband is making it so difficult!! and I love your buffet, its gorgeousss

Danielle Douglas said...

first off, you totally have a weird obsession with OHOP, i swear.

ALSO, your house and party were so cute. i loved the tortellini's on a stick, such a good idea!

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