Monday, February 24, 2014

Baby Girl Emma: Month Two

What's new? Emma smiles at us on purpose now!  She giggles, but only in her sleep, which is the sweetest thing I've ever heard.

Stats: Emma is a little growing rockstar!  She went from below the 10% percentile at birth, to the 50% for weight and length by two months!  Her head is 15 1/2 inches, which is on the bigger side - 79% percentile for my smartie pants baby girl.

Hair: Still unsure what color this little lady is going to end up with - in some lights, her hair is SO red, and in some lights it is still very brown.  We will see!

Eyes: Pretty blue still, but I am thinking they will be changing to green or brown.

Clothes: She is officially out of all newborn clothes!  Made me very sad to pack them away, but excited to start putting her in the adorable 3 month outfits we had waiting for her!  She is even starting to get too big for some 0-3, but fits pretty perfectly in 3 month right now.

Sleep: Emma has started to have better nights, starting at the end of her second month.  She has started sleeping for 4-5 hours stretches, which is amazing compared to the two hours of her earlier weeks.  During the day, she has good days and bad days.  Some days she naps for 2 hours 2-3 times a day, others she only takes little cat naps throughout the day.  She can put herself to sleep sometimes if we put her down drowsy, which is nice.  She has taken a nap in her crib one time (which I was inordinately proud about), but she still sleeps in her pack n play in our room at night, and rock and play or swing for most naps.  She also naps in her car seat and stroller when we are out.  

Feeding: Every three hours during the day, and when she wakes up at night.  She is a great eater, though she is fussy when breastfeeding at times.  She also gets very mad when you take the food away from her before she is done, which we do many times when she is taking a bottle to make it last longer and get her to burp throughout the feeding.

Likes: Cuddling with Mommy in bed in the early morning hours, swinging in her swing - especially with the music playing, looking up at the ceiling, tracking Daddy with her eyes, and staring at the toys hanging in her new activity gym.

Dislikes: Waking up from naps - she sleeps until she's quite hungry, she so always wakes up upset.  I'm hoping this is a phase!

Mama Update: I am feeling like myself, and it is an amazing feeling!  The increased sleep, along with getting in the hang of things makes for one happy Mama.  I am not looking forward to readjusting after going back to work, but happy to have another month+ left to spend with my little girl before my new phase of life as a working mom (something I am both dreading and looking forward to - promise to update on that).  I was able to get out for a girls' night this month, and it was so fun to be out (wearing a normal bra - it's the little things) and get a little buzz on with my girls.  I have totally become THAT Mom I never thought I'd be though - constantly talked about Emma, and checked on her via text with HH multiple times.

First social smiles!
No more newborn clothes.

Nicknames: Chicken Girl, Buns, Princess, Shmemma, Sister (no idea why I call her this, being that she will not be becoming a sister anytime soon)

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Julie said...

What a cutie! Glad you're able to sneak away with the ladies on occasion, that's important to have you time too

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