Thursday, February 27, 2014

Things Thursday: Things I Was Delusional About

1. All the projects around the house I was going to get done while on maternity leave.  I'm too busy cuddling with my love.

2. How I would start "sleep-training" my baby from day one.  Yeah right, sleep in any form is way too valuable to be picky.

3. How I would never think my baby was the prettiest, cutest, most adorable ever - there's no way she's the most beautiful.  Yes, in fact, she is the prettiest, cutest, most adorable, most beautiful baby I've ever seen.

4. That my house wouldn't get covered in baby shit all day, every day.  It's everywhere I look.

5. That I wouldn't casually talk about breastfeeding in everyday conversations.  It's hard when it may be the thing I have been doing most often every day for the past two+ months.

6. How I would never say "you'll see" or "just wait" to childless friends.  Oh, you'll see.  You just wait.

7. How you could look at a tiny little baby, and fall insanely in love in a moment's time.  Everyone told me about it, but you can't quite understand it until you're there.

8. That I would worry about how I could possibly love another baby the way I love Miss Emma.   I'm sure I will, but it is hard to imagine.

9. How completely awful I would feel about my body for the first few weeks postpartum.  I knew I would look pregnant still, but I didn't know how bad that would make me feel.

10. How much my medical knowledge with being a pediatric nurse would make me feel more prepared.  Ha.  It's so different when it's your baby.


Heather said...

Lol, I am pretty sure I said 95% of these things before my LO was born too. It all changes SO quickly.

Hilary said...

I'm glad I only have one project planned for my maternity leave then, and that's painting the letter "B" for his newborn pictures, lol. & I'm really worried about my after-baby body. Now that I've had stretch marks pop up, I'm afraid of what they'll look like when my belly is all deflated and saggy. I might just have to cover the mirrors in the house for a few weeks! :-X

Jessica said...

You are so right on all of these, especially the part about being a peds nurse. I can take care of any kid and whatever they throw at me. No problem. But when it's my kids, you'd never know I was a nurse with almost 10 years of peds experience. It certainly changes when it's yours

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