Friday, September 13, 2013

The Nail Files

I've been a blogging loser for so long that I must have not noticed that Jennie is now the new host of The Nail Files! I'm excited to check out her blog, and of course, check out some cute manis!!  I'm sharing my homemade manicure this week, because it's been a long time since these nails have had some color slapped on them!

I love this Sinful Colors shade, I think it screams fall without being too dark.  And the gold glitter?  Came in a multi-pack from Michaels of all places last Christmas!  It is gunky, and not great quality, but I often use it because I love the teeny tiny bits of glitter it gives.


Aishah said...

Thanks Casey!! That;s a gorgeous color! It's a bit similar to L'Oreal's Spice Things Up! great color for the transition into fall!

Thanks for stopping by blog!

Hayley! said...

Love that color. I need a few more neutrals in my collection!

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