Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Years Baby Bumpdate: Week 35

35 weeks on Thanksgiving Day

What's up with Baby this week? Baby is six pounds this week, and up to 20 inches long!  She has formed all her soft bones and cartilage, to protect her through the journey she's gearing up to make her way out of there!

Symptoms? General aches and pains that make it hard to move, and are much much worse at night is all I've really been dealing with this week.  Also, I'm not sure that I've mentioned it, but I completely fell victim to tiger stripes (awful stretch marks).  It's embarassing and incredibly ugly, and something I had really hoped to avoid.  Unfortunately, there is not much (read: nothing) I can do about it, and I'll have to live with them forever.  Hoping my baby girl will make me forget about how ugly they look by how pretty she is!

Gender? Lady.

Excited For? Hitting full-term next week (remember these Bumpdates are a week behind) and my final ultrasound to try and get a peak at how big this baby might be!

Maternity Clothes? Have switched over to casual tops with scrub bottoms almost exclusively, and the only non-maternity I can get away with outside of work is some sweaters, yoga pants, sweats, and big t-shirts to sleep in.

Sleep? Sleep is okay, my bathroom breaks have actually decreased, but I think that has more to do with my water intake decreasing a bit recently (shame on me) than anything else.

Movement? She definitely feels a little more cramped in there, as big kicks are few and far between nowadays, but she wiggles and squirms all the time, still.

Belly Button Status? I don't know that I'd call it in anymore, it's more...flush with the belly at this point.  I don't think it's going to be popping.

Missing Anything? Beer.  And also, not feeling like I got hit by a truck by 7pm every day.


35w Baby's first Thanksgiving (in utero)!  If this little girl wants to surprise me and make her first Christmas in 2013 instead of 2014, I will be more than happy!
Cravings? Apples are back.

Weight Gain? My doctor says up 30 pounds, which officially makes me scared.  30 was what I was hoping not to pass, but with four weeks left until my due date, that is going to be impossible (obviously).

My, how I've grown!

Wow, I miss feeling like I felt in my Week 15 picture - sexy and confident!


Amber said...

Casey, you look fabulous! I hope I look HALF as good as you do when I'm pregnant.

Ramesh Stitche said...

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