Monday, December 9, 2013

C'est Une Fille: Another Shower for Baby M

In mid-November, on a gorgeous Southern California day, I was treated to another baby shower, this time at Cute Apartment's brand new place (yes, she moved and hosted a shower a week later - she's a superhero!), surrounded by my closest girlfriends, and hosted by one of the best hosts I know. 
Cute Apartment, the great hostesss
I am overwhelmed by the amount of love and excitement I can feel radiating from my friends about this Baby Girl.  That is to be expected from family (though still greatly appreciated!), but there is something special about the feeling you get when a friend seems like family by how much they truly care.
I'll let the photos do most of the talking, as I managed to remember to take some this time around!


I was happily surprised to see a headband making station for my little girly girl (okay okay, I know she could be a total tomboy, but until she can object, this little lady will be rocking a lot of headbands and bows).


Lovely ladies I've met through HH's journey so far in Law School

With the host herself, Cute Apartment

Me and Ms. Art Teacher

Twin Beauty School and myself

Giggling with Best Friend Swagger

Me and Ms. Smiles

A group shot we waited a little too long to take, as there are some pretty girls missing - but I love it all the same!
Sister Swimmer, myself and Gardening Mom - unfortunately Sister Singer had to work!

The love of my life, and my favorite Daddy-to-be, Handsome Husband
I am so grateful to Cute Apartment for throwing this gorgeous shower, and to all of my friends and family who made it to this shower (and my first one, as well, of course), and have been so generous with their gifts and kind words for our growing family.

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