Thursday, March 31, 2011

Goodbye to March, and my First Month as a Married Woman

In March...

Handsome Husband and I returned from our honeymoon (post and more pictures to come soon) in beautiful St. Lucia!

Hat Dad turned another year older, and we clogged our arteries at Lucille’s BBQ in celebration.

Cousin Ronomon and his fabulous wife, Tutor Girl, hosted a fun housewarming party, and we got to spend some much needed (and loved!) time with my main man, Lil C.

I turned 23 years old (or celebrated the 2nd anniversary of my 21st birthday – how I prefer to refer to this birthday), and a week later, so did Handsome Husband.

We got excited for an enlarged view of the moon, and were disappointed with the moon but not with the company we kept waiting to catch a glimpse.

I got my first job as a nurse; working with children doing something I genuinely enjoy doing, and feeling very fortunate for that!

Spring break came and I thought about things that are great about it.

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