Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things Thursday: Things That are Great About Being on Spring Break

1. Taking two hour naps in the middle of the afternoon.

2. Having the opportunity to cook dinner for my family.

3. Helping Hat Dad out with the domestic duties of grocery shopping (a task I enjoy entirely too much).

4. Finally getting around to starting this blog, and a tumblr.

5. Being home every day when Handsome Husband gets home from work (even if today I was in the middle of the aforementioned much afternoon naps).

6. Not wanting to cry during Physiology lectures from Professor All Over the Place.

7. Getting to start a new job that I am very too excited about, and hoping will work out for the long run.

8. Anticipating a very exciting visit from my best friend from nursing school, Nurse Sarcasm.

9. Getting to spend some much needed one-on-one time with Best Friend Cute Apartment.

10. Being able to stop by and celebrate with Kindergarten Teacher and her hilarious boyfriend, Comedy Sport, on his new job.

11. Spending lots of time looking wedding thank you notes (but still not actually start writing them).

12. Not having class on Wednesday nights, and being able to attend Sister Singer’s Spring Choir Concert.

13. Having the time and energy to make Handsome Husband lunch for work (at least some days).

14. Having the whole week to be excited about celebrating my two very close friends, Fashionista and Swagger, and their (albeit a bit belated celebration) brave move to LA to chase their dreams!

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