Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wedding Recap: I Get Showered

I plan to recap my entire wedding in a few posts on this blog, and I thought I would start with some pre-wedding events, the first being my beautiful, lovely, amazing bridal shower.

I had 7 fabulous bridesmaids that came together to throw me a shower that the attendees are still complementing!  The shower was held at Bridesmaid Cute Apartment’s Clubhouse, and she took the lead on planning, but all of my lovely ladies played a part.

The theme was pink and very girly and the room was decorated so very sweetly.  There were tissue pom poms hanging from the ceilings, little crystal hearts scattered on the tables, and the most adorable purse-shaped chocolate favors.  

Bridesmaid Kindergarten Teacher took the lead on baking and made the most adorable little cupcakes and a beautifully decorated cake.  (Things I could not completely indulge in due to the fact I was struggling to fit back into my wedding dress at the time!) 

My nearest and dearest friends and family came, and it was so good to see everyone.  We chatted, talked wedding details, laughed, and played games – and opened lots of gifts!

(From L-R: Maid of Honor Fashionista, Bridesmaid Does it All, Me, 
Bridesmaid Kindergarten Teacher, Bridesmaid Cute Apartment, and Bridesmaid Swagger)

My guests were so incredibly generous, and the generosity continued throughout the rest of our amazing wedding celebrations.  No amount of thank you notes could ever truly express the gratitude I felt over the few months leading up to and including our wedding.

Handsome Husband also found a way to be there without really being there – he made the sweetest video that I will always treasure.  Maybe one day I’ll find a way to post it (and the other many videos HH has produced) on here.

Bridesmaid and Fabulous Hostess Cute Apartment made me a darling bow bouquet that I adored carrying down the aisle on the night of our wedding rehearsal.

My bridesmaids did such a wonderful job that I can only hope to have the pleasure of being involved in their future weddings so that I can try and emulate the happiness for them that they gave me.  So many ladies in attendance at my bridal shower told me it was the best shower they had ever been to, and I felt the same way (guess I could be biased)!

(From L-R: Kindergarten Teacher, Does it All, Cute Apartment, Sister Singer, 
Me, Sister Swimmer, Fashionista, and Swagger)

Thank you to my beautiful bridesmaids and closest friends for throwing me a shower filled with love and laughter!

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