Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wedding Recap: 6 Orange County Girls Show Palm Springs How to Party

Five weeks before Handsome Husband and I tied the night, five of my very best friends and I hit Palm Springs to celebrate one of my last nights out as a single lady! (Although I stopped considering myself “single” long before I got married – different post for a different day.)

(Bridesmaid Cute Apartment and I on our way to Palm Springs)

We got there Saturday morning, unpacked, and parked ourselves poolside right away.  My bridesmaids picked a great hotel with a huge room, so all of us could stay together.

(From L-R: Me, Bridesmaid Does it All, Bridesmaid Kindergarten Teacher, 
Bridesmaid Cute Apartment, and Bridesmaid Swagger)

(Maid of Honor Fashionista and I)

After sufficiently sunning ourselves, we spent an inordinate amount of time prettying ourselves for the real fun to begin – our big bachelorette night out!

(From L-R: Bridesmaid Does it All, Maid of Honor Fashionista, Bridesmaid Cute Apartment, 
Bridesmaid Kindergarten Teacher, Me, and Bridesmaid Swagger)

(Maid of Honor Fashionista, Bridesmaid Swagger, and Me take a break from the dance floor)

After spending hours on the dance floor, laughing, and getting lots of attention from the DJ (a big fan of bachelorette parties), we went home and hit the sack.

The next morning, we had a fabulous and relaxing spa day, and got to get a few more hours in by the pool.  Lunch downtown, and unfortunately then we had to head back to real life.

I adored my bachelorette weekend – I got to relax, spend time with my favorite ladies, and kiss the single life goodbye in time to marry the love of my life 5 weeks later!

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