Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Hour and a Little Boob Tube Babble

I am (shamefully) sipping on coca-cola at 10:30pm on a Friday night, while sitting on my couch doing homework and watching Friday Night Lights - wild life I live over here (try not to be jealous).

This week for Happy Hour, I'd like to also link up to A Complete Waste of Makeup's Boob Tube Babble.  I can't believe I missed their first week, because if I haven't mentioned it yet here, I am a total TV addict.  Like - it's a problem.  If I didn't have a DVR, I would have a hard time leaving the house.  I get invested in my shows, no matter how cheesy or ridiculous their story lines might get.

I am really into reality TV, but one drama that I am a die-hard for (even after many fans - Cute Apartment included! - have jumped ship is Grey's Anatomy.  I started watching a couple seasons in and had to backtrack a bit, but ever since them, I've been hooked.  It's one of the rare shows I have been known to get emotional during, and no matter how tired I am on Thursday nights, I rarely miss watching the episode before bed.

This week, two of the characters on the show got married - in Grey's first ever lesbian wedding!  It was beautiful, and so well done, I thought.

Is it weird that I totally feel like I know these characters, and was like inordinately happy for Callie and Arizona?  Also, though I totally don't think Handsome Husband would be on board, I adore the name 'Arizona'!

Also, how totally rude was it that these two thunder-stealers skipped the wedding to finally make their stupid post-it legal?  I was so flabbergasted that they did this!  As Gardening Mom so succinctly said - "couldn't they have, like, done that tomorrow?" - weird!

That's what I'm thinking about during my (late-night) happy hour.

If you're popping over from Happy Hour or Boob Tube Babble, please feel free to take a look around!  You can catch up on my wedding recaps, find out how I met Handsome Husband, or learn a little bit more about me.  If you like what you see - please consider following me!


FeedYourSoul said...

RIGHT??? It's not like the courthouse is going anywhere!! Or that baby. They waited this long already!! Don't worry, I haven't given up yet either!

Casey said...

EXACTLY! Glad someone else that it was a leeeetle ridiculous!!

Neely said...

Thank you so much for linking up!

Anonymous said...

I love Grey's Anatomy! And even I like Callie and Arizona. :)

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