Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wedding Recap: Me and My Gang

After taking some solo photos with the lovely ladies of D2 Photography Studio, I got to take some pictures with my very best friends and bridesmaids!  These are some of my favorite photos of the day, because they are literally the last photos of us as all single ladies!  I hope I am lucky enough to be in all of these fabulous ladies' weddings, but there will never be another picture of all of us together unmarried, so I am so happy to have these pictures.

**Warning - this post is going to be very picture heavy!  Way too hard to narrow these ones down!

(Bridesmaid Cute Apartment, my little helper)

(Everyone so excited!)

(Maid of Honor Fashionista, Bridesmaid Does it All, Bridesmaid Kindergarten Teacher, Bridesmaid Swagger, Sister Singer, Sister Swimmer, and Bridesmaid Cute Apartment help me with dragging my dress around)

(One of few moments of seriousness during our photo shoot)

(Sister Singer)

(Sister Swimmer)

(Me, MOH Fashionista, BM Does it All, and BM Kindergarten Teacher)

(Sister Singer, Sister Swimmer, Bridesmaid Cute Apartment, Me, Maid of Honor Fashionista, Bridesmaid Kindergarten Teacher, Bridesmaid Cute Apartment, and Bridesmaid Swagger)

(Kindergarten Teacher, Swagger, Sister Singer, Me, Fashionista, Sister Swimmer, Cute Apartment, and Does it All)

(Kindergarten Teacher, Swagger, Sister Singer, Fashionista, Sister Swimmer, Cute Apartment, and Does it All give me a group hug!)

(All the giggling totally led to mass amounts of gum-smiling!)

(Quick shot of me and my sisters while we still shared a last name)

(Even Gardening Mom got in on the photo shoot!)

(Love this photo of me and Gardening Mom)

Up next?  The boys take pictures, and Handsome Husband has his own personal photo shoot!

All amazing pictures courtesy of D2 Photography Studio in Riverside, California.


Midge said...

LOVE the pictures with your girls holding up your dress! That is such an awesome idea!!!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Beautiful!! The photography, the scenery, the smiles, the dresses, the flowers, the bride -- all so beautiful! :)

Claire said...

love these photos!! You all look fab x

Julie {love, julie} said...

So so so cute, I love the blue dresses!

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