Friday, May 20, 2011

Wedding Recap: Handsome Husband and The Boys

I left off with the ladies having a fabulous photo shoot, and now it's the boys' turn to be showcased.

I love these photos of Handsome Husband - they make me swoon every time!

It may not seem like it in the this artsy photo, but the boys were so excited all day!  One of my favorite memories of the day is seeing all the guys for the first time - they were just so very happy for Shane and I, and it was so clear by their big hugs and smiles.

(From L-R: Cousin Ronomon, Groomsmen Concussion, Dr. Groomsmen, HH, Best Man Dodger, Brother AG, Groomsmen Music, and Groomsmen Ken Doll)

So happy!

Love that bright red hair!

I love this man!

Thank you for entertaining my teenage swooning over my husband, and I hope you'll cut me some slack - I am a newlywed, after all! 

Next? We take some portraits with our entire wedding party, and then off to the ceremony!

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