Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things Thursday: Things To Look Forward to This Summer!

1. Not having to drive a total of 1 hour+ to get to and from school.

2. No more Professor All Over the Place!!

3. Twin Unicorn moving back to beautiful Orange County - and a fun BBQ to celebrate her homecoming!

4. Watching some of Handsome Husband's best friends from soccer graduate from college.

5. Celebrating Cute Apartment's graduation - this is something I know she is looking forward to!

6. Singing "Happy Birthday" to Lil C for first time - lil guy is turning 1!

7. Rekindling our annual trip to Arizona with our best friends.  (The first trip to Arizona was the one in which Handsome Husband and I finally got together - story to come, promise!)

8.  The Orange County Fair...something to look forward to every summer.

9. Another family poker tournament with HH's competitive family!

10. Family vacation to Oregon to see Best Cousin marry the love of her life and to see Handsome Husband's dad who lives up there, too!

11. Camping trip with Kindergarten Teacher and anyone else lucky enough to join.

12. Seeing more of and spending more time with HH, my amazing friends, and my wonderful family.

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