Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Adventures in Pinterest: Bedazzled Wine Bottle

Last month, I shared some ideas I decided between when coming up with a gift for Best Friend Fashionista's birthday.

And today?  You'll see what I chose and how I made it!

The winning gift idea: 

But while I'm sure BF Fashionista would down that bottle of Patron, I wanted to give her a little vino instead!

My version:

And now lemme tell you how I did it!


Bottle of wine or any kind of alcohol of your choice
 I got mine at World Market, and chose it because I thought the label was adorbs.

You could probably use a regular paint brush, I chose to buy these because they are so cheap for a big pack.

I bought this assorted pack at Hobby Lobby because I liked the colors and it was on sale - it is literally enough for me to do probably 5 more bottles/projects.

Get a cheap pair just for crafts if you don't already have one - they will get crusty and you won't want to use them for your face anymore!

Start out by wiping down your bottle of choice with a damp cloth - glue sticks best to clean glass, so make sure there is no grime on there.  

Get your "work station" set up.  I laid down newspaper and used the lid from my pack of rhinestones to put a handful, so they were easily accessible by me and my tweezers.

Working in small sections, put a small glob of the adhesive directly onto the wine bottle and use the foam brush to spread it into one thin layer.  I worked with probably 2-3 inches at a time.  The adhesive dries pretty fast, and you don't want it to dry before you can get your rhinestones onto the bottle. 

You'll want to keep doing this until the bottle is covered to your liking.  I stopped before the stem at the top, because I didn't want it to be impossible to open by covering the foil at the top.

I started with the area directly next to the label first, and worked my way around the bottle as I went.  

I did the entire bottle in two nights, working on it maybe 3 hours each night?  I just did it while I watched TV, and it is pretty brainless until you get the the end and have to think a little bit about squeezing in the rhinestones in the perfect way.

I loved the way it turned out, and I hope BF Fashionista did too!

What was the last craft you did?  


Sarah Grace said...

this is such a great idea!! it would be a great way to jazz up a table-scape at a bachelorette party! :)

happy wednesday!! :)

xoxo, sarah grace

Nikki said...

Found you via the link up and am now following!!! So cute! I want to go bedazzle all my wine bottles!

Erin said...

Oh my this is freakin' adorable! I'm going have to do this I mean a friend.

Mel said...

That's so awesome, love it going to pin it :) stopping by from Delightfully Inspiring Thursday Party

Erin O'Riordan said...

So cool!

Anonymous said...

This is too awesome! I was looking into doing this for my boyfriend's birthday! :) Thanks for sharing!

Rob Feckler said...

Oh wow, that’s so cute! Bedazzled wine glasses are a very unique idea. I think one of the most fun things about it is that you can’t actually tell what’s inside if you cover up the bottle really well. Great job; I think I’ll try this out on my own wine bottles!

++ Rob Feckler ++

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