Thursday, September 13, 2012

Things Thursday: Things I've Been Up to Lately

1. Choosing and installing wood floors in the living and dining area of our new home.  Such an investment, but so worth it!

2. Walking down memory lane as I unpack boxes that I packed back in December 2010.
L-R: Garter caught at Tutor Girl and Cousin Ronomon's Wedding, Our wedding favors: custom shotglasses, A page from a scrapbook of "Our First Year", and one of our engagement photos circa 2009.
3. Getting back into cooking - something I've missed so much the past year and a half!
Two new recipes to the Stress Casey repertoire, L-R: Crockpot flank steak over rice, with sauteed zucchini, and baked halibut with mustard and panko crumbs, with strawberries. 
And no, we don't eat rice every night...coincidence that I only took photos on rice nights!
4. Watching my savings account dwindle as I furnish this home.  While it's so exciting and exactly what we've been waiting for, it's still quite depressing to see that number get lower and lower and lower.
5. Really missing seeing my parents and sisters every single day - which is so pathetic, being that I've been seeing them all at least twice a week since we moved out.
6. Enjoying a beer every once in a while out of the sweet aluminum bottles that were on sale what what!

7. Deciding who to root for on Big Brother as if I am a member of the damn jury.  I'm leaning towards Dan if he makes it to final 2 btw, BB fans.

8. Getting way overly excited for Fall premiers - what new shows are you all programming into their DVR?!

9. Being uber jealous of Grandma Beach Bum, who is celebrating her 70th birthday by lying on a beach in Hawaii.  Lucky lady!
10. Really wishing for a temperature drop, so that it can feel like FALL already!


Julie said...

Hubby wants to put in hardwood floors at our condo because our carpet will need to be replaced before we move. I keep telling him to save that money for a house but I'm not sure if its getting anywhere. Good luck with the renovations!

Micah said...

I bought my house in 2011, so I know EXACTLY what you mean about the dwindling cash as you furnish it. I haven't done everything I want yet. I think it's been good for me to be in it for awhile to really think about what I want in each room. Has also slowed the cash fountain. Ha.

I'm Team Dan for the finals too. I liked him when he won it before. Obviously he knows what he's doing.

"The New Normal" is my new favorite tv show of the fall. Love it.

2 Frogs and a Princess said...

I want to put hardwood down soooo bad! We had new carpet when we bought our house a year ago but with 3 kids constantly going in and out it is already looking dirty! Love that color. Gorgeous!

Ashley said...

We just had hardwood floors installed too. We chose a really dark wood which I love. They look great but I'm already thinking about how i'm going to spend half of my life trying to keep them clean!
-Ashley Rimini

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