Monday, October 29, 2012

Adios, October

In October...
We made our first ever mortgage payment!  A sad day for our bank account, but a satisfying feeling all the same!
Aunt Fancy Chef and Uncle Lighting came over and treated us to two fun surprises: dinner out and a super generous housewarming gift of some new lighting fixtures for our new home!
Ms. Art Teacher and I had a long overdue gab session, for which she supplied the sweetest little minuature champagne bottles.
So dang cute.
We unloaded some of our junk, that just so happened to be other people's treasures, at a garage sale lovingly hosted by Grandma Beach Bum aka Garage Sale Expert.
Family poker night rolled around again and this time I made a disgrace of myself, finding myself first out - but luckily Handsome Hubs grabbed second place!
I had a double twin day when I was lucky enough to have lunch with Twin Beauty School (now a graduate of Beauty School, bee-tee-dubs) and dinner with Twin Unicorn!
I got to spend a few hours with Lil C when his mom and daddy-o headed out for date night.  We even ventured out to Michaels for some supplies - mama practice, I tell ya.
Lots and lots of house projects were worked on - photos, recaps and before and afters coming very soon!
Handsome Husband and I got to spend some time with our San Diego buddies when we went down for his Alma Mater's Alumni Weekend for Athletes.  It was so much fun to watch HH play with his old teammates again!
Gardening Momma and I trekked it out to Highland for a Halloween party my cousin and her family throws every year, and judging by the amount of fun we had this year, I'd say we'll be back next year!
And on Wednesday, for our very first Halloween (or holiday, in general!) in our new home, the plan is to sit on our patio and hand out candy to the many many adorable kids that surround us in our neighborhood (is it hot in here, or is that just my baby fever?).
And clearly, by the looks of this post, I did not take nearly enough photos!


Julie said...

I cannot believe October is almost over either! Enjoy your first trick or treaters at your house :)

Casey said...

I don't know how I have missed this monthly post of yours. I really like this idea!

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