Monday, October 15, 2012

Show & Tell: When I Was 17

Linking up with my fave Mama today.

1. When you were 17, tell us what kind of car you drove, where you worked, and what you were usually up to on the weekends.

When I was 17, I was driving my prized Honda Civic with gorg rims (oh, the things you care about at 16/17).  I loved that car (wish I had a picture to share!), and one of my favorite memories is going with my parents the day after Christmas to pick out what color I want and ending up driving my baby right off the showroom floor!  I was working at Ruby's Diner, and loving it, though I didn't get promoted to server until a few months after my 18th birthday - pesky alcohol serving laws!  On the weekends, I was usually partying - that's right, this girl here was a total party girl at 17.  If not doing a little underage drinking, I was working with a total nerdfest extracurricular I was involved in, Model United Nations.  A nerdy party girl - I was like a walking oxymoron.

2. Show us a picture of you when you were 17 {roughly}.

3. When you were 17, tell us what you wanted to be when you "grew up."

When I was 17, I wanted to work in some kind of fashion merchandising or marketing.  Which is odd, because I wasn't at all fashioniable.  I also had lofty goals of doing makeup for a living (though I literally only wore it about 5 times a month at the time), or being some kind of CEO (clearly I knew nothing about much of anything).  I was not thinking of being a nurse - another story for another day. 

4. When you were 17, tell us the kind of boys that you dated. Did you have a type? Do you have a relationship you remember well? Tell us about it.

I had a boyfriend for much of my senior year of high school that I started dating at 17.  He was kind, incredibly mild-mannered, and nothing like me (not that I'm not kind of mild-mannered).  To be honest, I was sort of (and by sort of, I mean completely and totally) a bad influence on the kid.  I definitely didn't have a type, as the three boys (they were certainly not men) I "seriously" dated from ages 15-19 were as opposite as they could possibly have been. 

5. When you were 17, tell us where you pictured your life 10 years from then. Did it turn out the way you expected it to?

Well, it pleases me to no end to say that I am not yet 10 years out from 17!  But when I did picture my life at 27 (still a few years into the future for me!), I did picture it quite similar to what I hope and pray it will end up like.  Granted, my career is not at all what I thought it would be (and how happy I am I found myself here to nursing), but I wanted to be married and in love with my husband (I am now!), and have a family (thinking about thinking about it, you know) - that is what was important to me, and that is what is still important to me.

I actually wrote a whole post about When I Was 18 you can check out HERE if you want some more dirt about my late teens!

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