Friday, October 19, 2012

Adventures in Pinterest: Another Alcoholic Gift

In continuing my theme of heavy drinkers giving heavy drinkers drinking gifts (see what I gave BF Fashionista for her birthday HERE), I thought I'd share a recent birthday gift for the one and only Cute Apartment: the Glittered Patron Bottle:

This is such a quick and easy project, with a super fun result!

All you need is:

Also needed and not pictured: a sealant, I used a FolkArt brand paint-on varnish; foam brush; cheap paintbrush (about an inch thick worked perfect for me); E-6000 Adhesive
Quick and painless steps to glittered happiness:
1. Clean your bottle 'o booze with a damp cloth, and remove the weird green ribbon if you're using the Patron Silver like me (WTF is that thing for anyways?).
2. Going in sections (I did maybe 6 sections total for the entire bottle), paint on a medium coat of Mod Podge.
3. After each coat of Mod, liberally sprinkle glitter over bottle.  Best to do this over a shoe box lid or something of the sort to catch all the excess glitter - there will be a lot!
4. After each sprinkling, shake or tap side of bottle to remove excess glitter from the bottle.  Don't try and gingerly hand-sweep off the extra...learn from my mistakes.
5. Continue steps 2-4 until entire bottle is covered (or the portions you would like are, I chose to leave label showing, because let's be honest Patron is for ballers).
6. Using E-6000 Adhesive (this stuff is strong, best "glue" I've ever used!), put a small dot on the back of each rhinestone and apply in a border around label (or wherever you'd like - I thought it would be cute around the neck of the bottle as well).
7. After glitter/Mod Podge is dry to the touch (glitter doesn't move around when you rub gently), apply your varnish.  A thin coat is best, so you don't lose too much of the sparkle from the glitter!
8. Let dry at least 10 hours before you imbibe give to a friend.
My Pinterest inspiration:

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Whitney @ I Wore Yoga Pants said...

This is gorgeous and Patron is most definitely for ballers.

Life With Lauren said...

I love this idea!

Julie said...

Cute idea!

jami lynn said...

This is a great idea! Will have to try this one in the future when giving liquor as a gift.

Holly said...

Those are awesome! I would love one of those as a gift!

JanM ♥ said...

This is so cool! Much better that the Absolut bottles! I'm a new follower from the GFC blog hop :)

I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested. :)

Ashley said...

So cool and something to perk up a gift. :)

Stopping by and following from the hop!

Ashley Barnhill said...

This is SO cute!!! :)

Stephanie said...

OK GET OUT! THis is THE cutest idea EVER!! Totally pinning your pics so I can remember to do these for my girlfriends!! THanks so much for linking up!! I am SO in love with this idea and now that I have a fresh bottle of Mod Podge...this pin is TOTALLY happening!! :)

J and A said...

This is soooo fun. Great gift idea!

Cynthia Roy said...

I did the same thing!! Yours may have turned out cuter than mine :) Check it out on my blog

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