Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Missing You When We're in the Same House

They said law school was going to be hard on our marriage.  That it would result in lots of sleepless nights, and many a frustration.

And they were right.
But not quite in the way I thought they would be.  I thought, if anything, it would a frustrating couple years.  That I would be angry with law school for keeping my husband so busy - bitter even.  But I'm not mad, I'm not angry, not even frustrated (not yet at least - still have quite a ways to go!).
I just miss my Handsome Husband!
I feel I'm lucky in that I love being around my HH - I don't just love him.  We are truly the best of friends and we have so much fun together.  The funny thing that this new transition into law school has brought is that I now miss him even when we're in the same house!  He can be in the next room over, but I miss him desperately because we went from spending so much time together (living in one 10x10 bedroom will do that to ya), to a whole new time in our lives.  
The good?  It makes our time together that much special.
The bad? It makes me just a little sad when I really miss the dude.
The ugly? After a few too many days of next-door missing, I get a little whiny. 
Dance party in Arizona - August 2012
Here's to counting down the days until Winter Break, and just a little bit of free time for my hardworking Handome Husband.
(Dibs on being your partner at the first dance party post 1st semester.)


tara said...

hope yall get some free time together soon!

Lisamarie said...

Hi! I randomly found you from your blonde friend's blog!! I went to chapman for law school!! Best of luck to you both!

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