Wednesday, April 6, 2011

“Do You Actually Hit the Ball With Your Head?”

This post could also be entitled “How I Went From Never Watching Sports to Being Posh Spice.”

Before Handsome Husband and I started dating, I was not a sporty girl.  I was not the girl in high school who wore those stretchy headbands (that always made those hideous lines in their hair, and also stretched their eyebrows back creepy far), I didn’t sign up for the girls Powderpuff football game – hell, I think I got a C in PE class more than once.

Handsome Husband, on the other hand, was an athlete all through high school and continued playing soccer in college.  We started dating after his first college season, so I was around for three of his four college seasons.  I’d like to think of myself as an expert now (I’m not sure Coach P would agree).

My transformation into star soccer supporter was a slow one.  I actually dragged my girlfriend, Ms. Does it All, to the first college soccer game I ever went to, because I needed someone who could explain what was going on.  I spent half the game talking to Ms. Does it All and not even paying attention – it just so wasn’t my thing.  But a few games into the season, something happened.  Handsome Husband scored a goal.  And in that fleeting moment of celebration, my heart swelled.  I felt such pride, and was so excited that I started watching intently and getting to really know the game.  (HH says I managed to learn the rules of soccer before Mother-in-Law Red and she’s been watching him play since he was 4!)

I started really understanding the game, and the more I understood, the more I enjoyed watching.  Which then started another cycle – the more I enjoyed watching, the more I cared, which in turn meant the louder I got.  I was a dedicated fan, and I never hesitated to show how I felt – good or bad.  I may or may not have even taken to physical gestures (we’re not talking a wave) a time or two when opposing team’s fans had something bad to say about HH.

I loved watching HH play soccer, and I loved finding something that I could be passionate about that didn’t even involve me.  Handsome Husband jokes that I am glad that soccer is over now, but sometimes I truly do miss it.  I miss the camaraderie that I felt just sitting in the stands with other fans, so I can’t begin to imagine the camaraderie that HH felt down on the field.  I miss screaming and yelling for HH to run, take the ball down the field, and score! (Somehow I don’t think HH’s boss would appreciate if I posted up by his desk and supported him in his new endeavors at work.)  I mostly miss being just seeing Handsome Husband light up when he scored, and look up at me in the stands and smile.  He loved that time in his life, and while I cannot fully relate, I can love it too – for him.

(Handsome Husband on the field)

(Me and HH after his last-ever college soccer game)

BUT (there’s always a but), soccer season was not all fun and carefree games – there is a downside to everything, no?  So for Things Thursdays tomorrow – Things I Do Not Miss About Soccer Season. 


FeedYourSoul said...

Haha, I think I remember walking the mile with you a time or two...

Anonymous said...

I felt the same way about hockey and now am a big fan who knows way too much about the sport--dating a player seems to do that to ya! I definitely miss seeing him play, too!

Shellsea said...

Excited for Thursday Things tomorrow! While, I'm not married to athlete. I am married to a fan and the team just clinched the playoffs. yeah!? said...

I wouldn't mind if you showed up at work to cheer him on...the rest of the office might though. :)

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