Friday, April 15, 2011

Wedding Recap: I Fit in My Wedding Dress!

Months before our wedding, when Gardening Mom and I went to see my dress after it came in from being ordered, I was met with what I somewhat expected, but still really managed to rock my world - my wedding dress didn't fit.  I had been eating horribly, and was subscribing to my regular fitness plan of couch surfing and napping.  It was not a surprise, but it was not fun to see the big gap between the two back sides of my dress, either.

I managed to lose the weight though, and by the wedding day my dress fit like a glove!  I was so excited to finally get into my dress that day, that I think I am gum-smiling (I have a big smile, and when it's genuine, my gums start peaking out the top of it - something I've finally learned to accept about myself) in all of the photos of me getting it on.

(One of TWO bridal sweatshirts I was lucky enough to be given from my lovely friends!)

My helpful bridesmaids got my dress all ready, and waited for me to dive in.

(From L-R: Sister Swimmer, Bridesmaid Swagger,
Maid of Honor Fashionista, and Bridesmaid Cute Apartment)

I got in and it was a group effort trying to get the back laced all the way up!

(Bridesmaid Cute Apartment, Maid of Honor Fashionista, and Bridesmaid Does it All
help lace me up while Sister Singer watches)

I love the photos with all of my girls' hands working together to get my dress laced up so perfectly.  That moment was like being immersed in a bubble of girliness - there were giggles, and hugs, and huge smiles, and the excitement of everyone was contagious! 

(Bridesmaid Kindergarten Teacher helps with some finishing touches)

(I put one my something blue items - my shoes!)

(My garter - note the homage to Handsome Husband's love of soccer)

I am so glad I was able to get myself squeezed into my wedding dress in time!  I sure was a stress case before my final fitting when everything was finally coming together.  

I loved my wedding dress, and got so many compliments on it!  I truly felt beautiful that day, and I can't thank Something Blue Stylists, or Maggie Sottero (my wedding dress designer) enough.

I lied last time - sorry!  First look photos coming up next!

All photos from the very talented and beautiful ladies at D2 Photography Studio, located in Riverside, California.


DeeDee Dallas - Owner said...

You are as kind as could be, your day, your wedding P E R F E C T !

thank you for posting your images

Shellsea said...

Those were the cutest shoes! Love that being one of your "something blue" items.

Casey said...

@DeeDee Dallas - Owner
Thank you, DeeDee! And thank you for allowing us to remember our wedding so beautifully through your images!!

Casey said...

Thanks, Shells! LOVED the shoes - need an occasion to wear them again!

Jessica said...

Your dress is beautiful! I also liked the "girly" moment of all my bridesmaids helping into my dress.

Michael Smith said...

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