Sunday, October 9, 2011

Grateful Sundays

This week, I am grateful for a sweet lil gift from Tutor Girl and family.

Y'all know how last weekend I (okay, Handsome Hubs was there too) watched my main man, Lil C while his 'rents (Tutor Girl and her husband) went on a short weekend trip just the two of them.

It was an eye-opening weekend, and last week, I was grateful for a little gift from medicine called The Pill.

Today, Tutor Girl was so sweet and gave me the nicest little thank you gift for helping a sister out last weekend and watching her little guy.

Because I love to send mail (and also appreciate a good note of gratitude), I would usually send a Thank You note for something like this, but sort of had to draw the line at sending a Thank You note for a Thank You gift.  So instead, I'm sharing my gratitude with the entire blogosphere!  (That may be more impressive than a note?)

I won't share exactly what she got me because I'm just not that kind of Braggy Betty, but let's just say it was a cute little gift bag, filled with something with this fabulous logo on it:

Needles to say that was such a sweet surprise, and TG totally didn't have to that (but this girl whose purse is from Target ain't giving it back now!).

Thank you so much Tutor Girly!


Liz Taylor said...

How sweet!!! I love Coach!

Lauren said...

That is so sweet! anything with that logo is amazing:)

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