Thursday, October 27, 2011

Things Thursday: Things to Love About Halloween

1. Candy corn.

2. The right to dress skankalicious with no minimal judgement.

3. Pumpkin patches!

4. Seasonal scents for candles and such - mulled cider, pumpkin pie, cinnamon vanilla...I DIE.

5. Little kids in costumes.

6. Dogs in costumes.

hahahaha I laughed out loud at work at this picture!

7. Fun-sized candies...that I end up eating 6 of so it really doesn't matter that it's smaller.

8. It actually starts feeling crisp in the air at night after what seems like an inevitable Indian summer every year.

9. Scary (or just Halloween-themed) movies on TV all month long.

10. Pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pie - do I need to go on?


Lil' Woman said...

It's the only time of year you can go out with less clothes and people are happy for it :) Gotta love Halloween :)

Rissy said...

I think you hit all major highlights! oh and I'd like to add to #7- eating half the Halloween candy meant for little kids because it was just sitting there and totally blowing your diet haha

Kathy S said...

I love dressing my dog up for Halloween :)

Sarah E. said...

I'd have to agree with all of the above. Before I had kids, I would always buy the clearanced candy the day after Halloween! YUM.

I wish NY had less "crisp" Halloweens. It was 26 when I woke up this morning. I'm dreading how cold it'll be on Monday :(

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