Saturday, October 22, 2011

Old Stomping Grounds

This weekend, it's Alumni Weekend at Handsome Husband's alma mater (and university he clocked many soccer playing hours at), and my man and I are off to San Diego - our old stomping grounds!

There are so many reasons San Diego has a huge place in my heart...I mean where do I begin?

San Diego is...

the first city where HH and I lived together.

where we were living when we got engaged.

the first place I lived away from home and really started my own life.

the city I met some amazing women in - Nurse Sarcasm, Dimples, and Future Dr. Babies just to name a few!

where I went to nursing school, and actually where I was when I realized I even wanted to be a nurse.

where Handsome Hubs went to and graduated from college.

the place where so many of our dear friends still call home.

the city that HH's old soccer stadium stands, and where I got to spend hours really getting to know Mother-in-Law Red and Grandma Beach Bum - hours I accredit to the close relationship I have with them both now.

the zip code from which I planned the majority of our wedding, which was actually held nearly two hours from the seaside city of SD.

the place we were living when we turned 21, and first learned the ropes to bar-stomping (in and around Pacific Beach, duh!).

the place where I saw my first patient pass away, where I passed my first meds, where I learned what it meant to be a nurse, and where I wondered whether I was cut out for the job.

I lived in San Diego, I loved in San Diego.
I found myself there, lost myself again a time or two, and re-found myself there.
I love Orange County, it's my home...but San Diego will always have a big place in my heart.

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Lil' Woman said...

That's how I feel about Orlando and Big Man even though we live in Pennsylvania now, it holds so many important memories for me.

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