Monday, January 28, 2013

New York, New York

I've alluded to our upcoming vacation a few times over the past few weeks, but now it's time to truly announce it!

In just a few short weeks, my very Handsome Husband and I are going on a week-long East Coast Getaway!

We will be hitting up Wilmington, Delaware where I've got some of my very favorite family members (what up, Aunt Delaware!); Phildelphia, PA to get some authentic cheesesteaks and see some history; and last but certainly not least, New York City, New York!


Our NYC trip will be a short one (in total, less than 72 hours), but we are hoping to soak up the city as much as possible!  HH has never been (anywhere on the East Coast, actually), so we've got to hit all the big tourist-y spots.

But, I also want to see some things that might not necessarily be on the "must do in NYC" lists that are seriously abundant in the world of Google.  And that's where all you party people come in!

Trusty Stress Case Readers,
What is your must-do in the NYC, Philly, or Delaware area?
Please share!
Muchos Gracias from
Stress Casey & HH


Karla said...

I've blogged about NYC so many times. It's my favorite place in the whole world and I am so lucky to live just about 2 hours from there. Here are my "must-do's" for NYC-

- Central Park (take a carriage ride!)
- Times Square
- Canal Street
- At least one museum (there are many & they are all great)
- Serendipity (they are famous for their frozen hot chocolate)
- Go up to the Top of the Rock. The view is awesome. I would say go up the Empire State Building---but then you can't see the Empire State Building...and it's way cooler to see it.
- Statue of Liberty
- Eat at an italian restaurant in Little Italy

You could spend days in NYC & still never see it all! Can't wait to hear about your trip! =)

Jamie said...

Have fun!

Whitney said...

Sounds like fun!!!

I've only been once, but I'd recommend:

-Seeing a play on Broadway
-Empire State Building
-Ellis Island
-Statue of Liberty
-Times Square
-Metropolitan Museum of Art
-Ground Zero

just to name a few!

Casey said...

I would love to travel on the east coast. Have fun!

Krystal said...

So so much fun. I've only been once but it was so fun! Times Square, eating cheap pizza and hot dogs, Staten Island Ferry, Ground Zero, and see a play!

lil desiqua said...

Oooh i live right between Philly and NYC! For Philly: Definitely PAT's Cheesesteak (big war between Pat's and Gino's for #1 cheesesteak in Philly, which are across the street from one another!), South Street has tons of awesome shops, and the Liberty Bell.

In NYC: You don't have alot of time there, so I would definitely say see a Broadway show, visit Times Square (most Broadway shows are a block away) and the Empire State Building. Oh, and get some pizza!

Have a great time!

Jessica Gehman said...

Is this your first Philly trip? We usually recommend that people get one cheesesteak from Pat's and one from Gino's and then swap halves - a lot of fun!

WIlmington has some pretty homes, and Big Fish Grill on the Riverfront is very good! If you have any time to do any of the DuPont Estates, Hagley is probably the most man-friendly :)


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