Wednesday, January 9, 2013

One Thing

Post inspired by the fabulous Krystal.

One thing I will learn: To not sweat the small things (at least not as much).  I have improved, but would like to get even better at not letting the little things get to me.

One place I will go: The east coast!  Handsome Hubs and I have got a trip planned in February - Philadelphia, Delaware, and NYC here we come!

One physical habit I will break: Being inactive.  I was doing so good this time of year last year, and then completely fell off the wagon again.  I just want to keep up with a fitness routine - it doesn't need to be hardcore, but I need to be doing something.

One physical habit I will cultivate: I guess I just answered that up there - some kind of fitness regimen that I will keep up with.

One mental habit I will break: Over-stressing.  Though, what would I call my blog, then?

One relationship I’ll repair: I don't think I need to repair any relationships necessarily, but I would like to strenghten my relationships with everyone in my life - my husband, my family, my husband's family, and my friends.  I love to see how relationships change over time, and I want 2013 to be a year that mine just get better!

One work habit I will change: Being easily frustrated.  I want to be more patient with my staff, my doctors, and my patients and their families.  I want nothing to get to me.

One thing I’ll throw out: Clothes that I don't wear - though I'll donate instead of tossing!

A second thing I’ll throw out: Stealing Krystal's answer here cause it's good - Paper.  I need to go through my files, scan what I can and keep electronic records, and minimize all the paper everywhere!

One thing I’ll eat more often: Home cooked food - I ate out way too much in 2012, lets keep that to a minimum in 2013, yo.

One thing I’ll eat less: Sweets.  I have the worst sweet tooth - I seriously need to get it under control.

One thing I’ll drink more: H2O, for sure.

One thing I’ll drink less: SODA.

One resentment I’ll get over: I do not want to have anger towards my exfriend from last year anymore.  It's over, it's done with, I don't want to feel mad about it anymore.

One person I’ll treat more respectfully: My husband.  While we have a wonderful marriage, and are very happy together, I tend to (shamefully) use him as a punching bag sometimes when I am ultra-stressed and he does not deserve that.  Krystal, we are on the same page this year.

One thing I’ll spend less money on: Eating out!  Especially unhealthy fast food junk!

One other change I’ll make in my finances: I would like to save a lot of money this year, and I need to make some changes in my personal spending to do so!

One thing I’ll spend less time doing: Bitching.

And a thing I’ll spend more time doing: Being present in the moment.  Not constantly checking my phone and emails.  Actually being with the people I'm with.


Amber said...

Oh I may have to steal this from you lovely ladies ;)

I need to work on being more patient, eating out less, being more active and saving money too! Those things are just so hard!

Casey said...

I have noticed that it is so easy to fall out of the exercise habit, and it takes a while to get back into it.

This is a great idea for a post!

Erica Castillo said...

i like this list/idea! new follower form from mrs. to mama. :)

Chloe said...

I might have to copy this too! Absolutely love it. Great post!

Karla said...

Love this! May steal it! I'll give you credit of course! New follower! =D


MeetTheBrowns said...

I love this and I am a new follower and new to the bloggy world come check out my blog:)

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