Wednesday, March 13, 2013

East Coast Vacation Recap: Family Fun and a Train Ride

Check out the recap of our flight out to the East Coast HERE.

Our flight landed before 5:30am on the East Coast, and we were not rested.  We were total grumpalumps who needed a nap.  But I did get a little pep in my step when I saw Aunt Delaware's husband, Spunkmaster Flex, pull up at the airport to pick us up.  I've always really liked Spunkmaster, and over the past few years - the few times we've gotten to spend time together - I've only grown to like him more.

Spunk drove us into familiar Wilmington, DE and we pulled into the driveaway at Aunt Delaware's house.  I had planned to just power through the day with little sleep, but when we walked into their quiet house and everyone else was still sleeping (can you blame them?  It was 6:30 in the morning on a Saturday), Handsome Hubs and I decided a nap was in order.  The power nap turned into more of a minuture night's sleep, as we didn't get out of bed until close to 11:30am. 

It was then that we got to see Aunt Delaware, her darling son, and Spunkmaster's daughter - a family I love, but don't get to see nearly as often as I'd like.  So big hugs all around were in order.  We spent Saturday and Sunday in the same fashion, lounging and chatting; catching up on all the minor details that never seem important in the 30 minute phone calls you can find time for in life, but are the little things that make life life; and lots and lots of laughing. 

A girl and her best friend - Andi, the sweet boxer, sitting with Aunt Delaware

Saturday night, Spunkmaster's entire family got together and they were kind enough to include us for some homemade Spaghetti - one of my favorites.

Sunday dinner was another one filled with family - but this time, my family!  Grandma Delaware (I have to note that though I know Gma Delaware thinks of me as a granddaughter, I've always thought of her as more of a really cool aunt or something.  She was my Grandfather's wife before he passed, but she always seemed way too young to be a Grandma, and in real life?  I've always called her by her first name, which I'm pretty sure irks her but it's endearing, right?!) hosted dinner at her house for us, Aunt Delaware, Master Hairstylist Aunt - and all of the kids.  It was so great to see everyone, to catch up, and the have some homemade lasagna (Italian two nights in a row - you won't hear me complaining). 

The craziest moment for me was seeing Master Hairstylist's children who have somehow grown into this most adorable curly-headed kid (last time I saw him, I'm fairly certain he was still in diapers, and just a cute curly headed toddler), and a freakin' teenager!  I spent a few summers in Delaware when her older son was a baby, and again as a young child, and gosh it makes you feel old when you see those kids grow up.  It's weird that I'm still 21, while everyone else keeps getting older (#21forlife).

Who is this man, and what did he do with my sweet wittle baby?
After a late night of Oscar watching (no wonder the East Coast folk always complain about these award shows going so late!), HH and I headed to bed on Sunday excited to wake up the next morning and head to the train station!
Monday morning, we went to the train station and waited for our train to NYC to depart. 

From Wilmington to NYC is about a two hour ride, and the best part about it is that you go through multiple states: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and of course New York.  A great way to see some of the sights you'll never find on the "Must Sees in Pennsylvania" list.

We arrived at Penn Station in New York City just before one o'clock and trecked the mile and a half or so to our hotel room on foot.  Handsome Husband was struck by the amount of people and activity going on in the streets at just 1:00pm.  And if I'm being honest?  So was I.  I've been NYC many times, but every single time I'm still baffled by the amount of energy the city seems to have.

After arriving at the W New York Times Square Hotel (which we were able to swing thanks to our good friend, The Bouncer!), we checked in, took a looksie at our awesome room, and decided to start our touristy activites STAT.


Next time? I'll tell you all about NYC, including a little rendevous with new NYC-dweller, Best Friend Fashionista.

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Julie said...

W Hotels are awesome, I've stayed at the Chicago one and couldn't complain. Can't wait to read about the rest of your trip!

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