Friday, March 29, 2013

5 on Friday v. 2

5 Things ...'ll find in my purse
1. Many receipts, most of which completely unnecessarily kept.
2. An odd assortment of lipglosses, chapsticks and lipsticks.
3. A pager, circa 1992, for work.
4. Money, very likely not neatly placed in my wallet, but instead crumpled and balled up in different zippered pockets of the purse.
5. Emergency supply of tylenol, mints, and personal checks.'ll find in my bedroom
1. A glass of water, can't sleep without one next to me.
2. My kindle, that is unless I left it at work (this girl's gotta check out with a good read during the lunch break).
3. Lots and lots of dirty clothes...everywhere.
4. A box on my nightstand filled w/ blog stuff - items to review, things that spurred post ideas, blog business cards, etc!
5. Many many pens that have found their way home in my scrub pockets and taken up residence on my dresser.'ll find in my storage closet
1. Lots and lots of old movie tickets

2. Glittery red and silver Christmas decor, just counting down the days until December 1st so they can come out and play!

3. Many old photos that need a new organization system.

4. A suitcase full of toiletries I've never unpacked (since moving in September 2012...for shame).

5. About 10 plain square vases that were used at my wedding, just waiting for me to host a party that calls for lots of flowers!
Lovingly inspired by stolen from the adorable Jenn.


s said...

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Julie said...

I need a storage closet...heck I just need a bigger house!

Have a great weekend!

Julie said...

Thanks for sharing this! I have now done it on my blog. :)

Adriana said...

I get my boyfriend a glass of water every night but he always falls asleep first and then I drink it so really, I may as well skip it and put it on the night stand on my side of the bed haha

Looking forward to following along with your new posts!

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