Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things Thursday: Things We Take For Granted Living in Southern California

This Things Thursday was inspired by my Handsome Husband, while we were driving in to Aunt Fancy Chef's beach house neighborhood on Monday.

1. Being able to be at the beach in less than 20 minutes flat.

2. Weather like this:

3. These gorgeous sunsets:

Taken in Capistrano Beach, on Monday 3/25/13.
4. Being 60 minutes south of the Movie Making Capital of the world - Hollywood.

5. Living in a place worthy of television shows based solely around your county (The OC), or local towns (Laguna Beach), that are not called Buck Wild.

6. Getting from La La Land Los Angeles to Sunny San Diego in under three hours (on a good day), two pretty famous and fabulous cities.

7. You know the California cliche - being able to be in the mountains one day and at the beach the next.  I don't actually know anyone who does this on the reg, but dammit, I could!

8. The fact that HH and I literally ran the heater a whopping five or six times this winter.  1. Because we're badasses, and 2. Because we didn't have to!

9. Being the better half of a state - sorry Nor Cal, I went there.

10. Sunshine.  Sunshine for some part of the day, even a short part, almost every single day of the dang year!


Julie said...

Oh how I wish I could be there right now, I'm kinda tired of the cold and snow of Missouri!

Kara said...

I know I took it for granted when I lived there...but I won't do it again! CANNOT WAIT to get back! :D

Casey said...

My family was from So. Cal. We moved north to Oregon, and while I can be at the mountain one day and the beach the next (I have done that!) I would kill for some warm weather!

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