Wednesday, March 6, 2013

When People Find Love

There is something special about watching people find love.  Watching a relationship grow from the beginning is a bit of an honor, in my opinion.  Especially if you have the liberty of really hearing the inside scoop from the aforementioned love-stuck people.

Who doesn't love to hear their best friend tell them about a wonderful first date and then hear, in excited happy hour increments, about each new chapter to their love story.  It's like being in a front row seat while an screenwriter writes a romantic comedy - but it's real life!

Last year, Mother-in-Law Red met a man that she raved about.  She told us he was kind, and smart, and different than other men she had dated.  She was happy - actually that's not the right word.  She was over the moon, deliriously infatuated, and simply smitten.

On the 13th of February (one day after the anniversay of their first date, and one day before Valentine's Day so as to surprise MIL Red), her boyfriend (Mr. Bear - I had to steal Tutor Girl's nickname for him, because if you know his name in real life it's just too clever!) became her fiance.

That's right - MIL Red is getting hitched!
The happy couple, and MIL's new bling bling.
My very favorite part of their engagement?  Mr. Bear making a phone call to my Handsome Husband (his soon to be son-in-law) to ask for his blessing before popping the question.  I thought that was the kindest, most inclusive, respectable thing to do - and it really melted my heart a bit.


Julie said...

I love reading love stories and everything that goes with them. Kudos to MIL Red :)

Megan said...

Awww!!! Congrats!! That is so sweet he asked your hubby's permission!! Love that!!

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