Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Years Baby Bumpdate: Week 16


What's up with Baby this week? Baby is about 5 inches long, and weighs more than 3 1/2 ounces already!  Now that baby can hear, loud nouises can startle the little one! 

Symptoms? Randomly woke up very early morning hours last Friday with insane hip pain - I think it's a little early for these hips to be expanding, so I have no explanation for this.  I have also been having what I'm fairly certain is round ligmaent pain, which is not fun.

Gender? We will know whether there are soccer balls or tutus (I'm in to gender sterotypes, sue me!) in our future in TWO DAYS!

Excited For? Gender Reveal Party, without a doubt!

Maternity Clothes? Grandma Beach Bum gifted me a gorgeous maternity top last week that I can't wait to wear!

Sleep? Other than the hip pain waking me up, still rocking at sleep.

Movement? Still nothing, I can't wait!

Belly Button Status? In, and weird and stretched out.

Missing Anything? Margaritas at Poker Night last weekend!

16w5d Seeing baby and having the ability to find out the gender!  We're waiting a few more days and finding out with our friends and families on Saturday!

Cravings? Baby carrots and ranch! And lots and lots of fruit!

Weight Gain? I guess my estimate from last week was a little high, as I went to the doctor this week, and I am only up 3 pounds.
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SoJez said...

Re: your pain: Google separated pelvis during pregnancy

SoJez said...
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