Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back to School

As the days click by, we get closer and closer to the school year starting up again.  Not for me, but for my Handsome Husband, who is going into his second year of law school in just weeks.

The beginning of a new school year is completely bittersweet.  It brings us one year closer to being done with law school entirely, and it brings some fun events and times with our fun future-lawyers-of-America friends.

But with the sweet, comes the bitter.  It brings more stress back into our lives.  It puts an extra toll on our marriage - one I have no doubt we can make it through easily, but a toll nonetheless.  It becomes harder for my HH to work, as he has to go back to performing the scary balancing act between school, work, social life, his marriage, and soon?  A baby!

It's scary and exciting, and groan-inducing and thrilling.  It's fun and it's torture.  In the end, I hope it is all worth it, that we will look back and remember the great times and not remember the hard ones nearly as vividly.

Happy back to school!

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