Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Years Baby Bumpdate: Week 21


What's up with Baby this week? Our baby officially weighs more than one pound!  She has developed her grip, and since there is not much else to hang on to in utero, sometimes she might hold on to the umbilical cord just to practice grabing something.  Baby has eyelashes and eyebrows and more hair on top of her head, but pigment hasn't come in yet, which means all of her hair is bright white at the moment!

Symptoms? Heartburn is back :(

Gender? Little lady.

Excited For? Working on the nursery!  I have a little table I'd like to get painted this week, and we picked the glider we'd like to go with for her little abode.

Maternity Clothes? I was pretty proud of myself for rocking a completely non-maternity outfit last weekend, as seen in the photo above, with just a little hidden adjustements done at the waistband.  I think my days may be numbered in these kind of get-ups, though.

Sleep? Pretty good, though feeling very warm at night which can keep me up tossing and turning a bit.

Movement? Still feeling little thuds, haven't felt anything from the outside yet, but that is something I can't wait to share with HH.

Belly Button Status? In!

Missing Anything? Cocktails, especially when surrounded by them at the horse races last weekend.

21w5d Both HH and I were pretty sure we felt our little kicker from the outside!

Cravings? Nothing special this week, but very hungry in general.

Weight Gain? 7 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight, as of my last doctor's appointment.


Hilary said...

I was getting ready to say how cute those pants are & ask if they were maternity! Do you mind sharing your secret? I'm trying to stretch everything I have as long as possible!

Brittany @ Brittany's Joy Blog said...

I don't think I've congratulated you on your pregnancy so: congratulations!!! You make a cute preggers and will make an even cuter mama.

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