Friday, August 23, 2013

On Babymaking: Feeling Positive

Post originally written December 12, 2012 - during my third offical (but really fourth) dreaded "Two Week Wait".  Read more about our Babymaking Journey HERE.

I am feeling strangely positive this month.  I'm certainly no Debbie Downer (at least not most days), but optimism is not necessarily my strong suit.  But I'm hoping, praying, and putting good vibes out that this might be the month.

I really have no reason for this sudden burst of positivity, but I'm just feelin' good for some reason.  Hoping not to be let down...again.

I've found one thing that is really helping me to not be as upset each month that Aunt Flow comes back to visit (after I've prayed that she'll just go and take a 10 month hike).

Each month there seems to be a pro and a minor con of getting knocked up that particular month (lets be clear: the pro of having a sweet baby outweighs any of the cons, but anything to keep cheery, right?).

This month?

A few major pros (again, all secondary to the joy a new life could bring to our lives): I could potentially tell my amazing Handome Husband on Christmas, I would be due near the beginning of his second year of law school (as opposed to nearer to finals), and I would not be a huge pregnant mess on my 25th birthday (just a slightly pregnant pudge-y looking mess, I'm sure - this one is a bit of a stretch), and I would be just far enough long to feel comfortable telling my girlfriends on our upcoming girls weekend in January.

A con? I would be a few weeks pregnant on New Years Eve.  Now before you go calling me a lush, this just puts me in an awkward position because I won't be able to drink, but literally have just found out - seems quite early to share that with people. 

I'm thinking we'll cross that bridge when if we get to it.

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