Monday, June 18, 2012

Hey Baby, What's Your Name? {Part 5}

Last time I promised to reveal how YouTube Star got his nickname.  First lemme introduce you to one of my Handsome Husband's very best friends:

YouTube Star is hilarious, kind and incredibly smart.  He is from Los Angeles, and him and HH met while playing soccer in college.  YouTube is a few years younger, and will be graduating very shortly and I know he will do big things in the real world!  He is generous, and welcoming, and I've loved getting to know him during the years HH and him spent playing soccer together and the years that have followed.  (Also, last I heard he was single and God knows there's no way he's staying on the market for long!  Ladies of San Diego, get at me - maybe there's a love connection waiting to happen!) 

How did he get his nickname?

That is really thanks to HH, and the rest of the soccer team, who a few years back (way before Harvard Baseball attempted creativity and failed with their Call Me Maybe video) decided to make a music video during one of their team road trips.

YouTube Star was one of the breakout stars of the vid (along with Pink Glasses Kid, and my husband, The Ginger as they were referred to in the comments most likely posted by preteen girls on YouTube).

Here's a treat for you today, readers:

I present to you,
the video that turned YouTube Star and my husband into a (shortlived) YouTube sensations.

Wanna read how others in our lives got their blog nicknames? Check out the last installment of this series HERE.


Tricia said...

(Both Youtube star and the video that they made.)

Ashley Canfield said...

Oh my goodness, I remember seeing this video! I also used to love the song, so thanks for bringing it back in to my life with this post haha

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