Monday, June 4, 2012

The One Where Best Friend Swagger Chases Shia LaBeouf Down the Street

The title really does say it all, doesn't it?

This is one of my all time favorite memories of Best Friend Swagger, and that is saying a lot cause I've some good ones.

Let me back up and explain a bit...

One winter break, a few years back, one of my girlfriends had the ingenious idea to head to LA for a day while people were in town from college and see this little gem filmed:

Oh yeah - those of us from the TRL generation remember this guy being quite the stud and we were an excited group heading up to see him in person!

We left super early to avoid the dreaded LA traffic, and ended up getting into town by the studio over an hour early.  Someone suggested Starbucks, and with there being one on every other corner, it was easy to find a Bucks to pull into.

We all got our caffeine fix, and were sitting in the car, mind you with the windows rolled completely down and car door or two open, when one member of our little posse said...

"Is that Shia LaBeouf?!"
pointing to a rough looking dude leaving Starbucks.

A few seconds went by with all of us straining our necks to see who she was talking about, and when we all realized it was - 4 girls barely out of their teens screeched together,

"Oh my God - it is!"
in not quite our finest moment.
But that wasn't it, somehow we convinced Best Friend Swagger that she should go ask him if we could take a photo with him.  (Though he was seriously not in photo form - dude looked about one missed paycheck away from living in a box.) If I recall correctly, it didn't take BF Swagger much convincing before she was out of the car and sashaying down the sidewalk to catch up with Shia.

The picture on the right freaking kills me -  Swaggs looks so casual.

BF Swagger caught up to him,
and here comes the shocker.
After asking him for a photo,

He said NO!
WTF, right?!

The face of let down.

Deafeated, Swagger came back to the car and told us the sad tale of how Shia LaDouche turned her down.

For years after that day, I only referred to him as Shia LaDouche because really:
1. Who says no to a photo with a fan?
2. Who says no to a photo with a fan as hot as BF Swagger?
(And it's funny how now we don't refer to him as anything, cause he sort of dropped of the planet.  Looks like somebody should have been appreciating those fans when he had them!  Burn!)

She mentioned something about seeing paparazzi but we didn't think much of being that LaDouche looked like LaShit and the photog couldn't have possibly thought those photos were all that important.

We thought wrong.

These photos did find themselves published, and in more than one spot!
We saw it on two online celebrity gossip sites, and Us Weekly Magazine!
One of the gossip sites really bashed Swagger, which I'm pretty sure didn't phase her but instead made her feel even more like a celebrity.

By the time it was published in Us Magazine, Swagger had left the country already for a semester abroad so I did what any best friend would do - immediately contact her via every social network possibly and buy a copy and stash it for her for almost six months.

Need proof? Check it out.


Eschelle said...

well at least, thanks to you, she got pictures with him anyways lol!!

sara with an h said...

hahahaha, swaggers a celeb in the making. and i've heard he's SO rude in real life, so it defintiely doesn't surprise me that he turned her down.

Anonymous said...

Why are fans so rude that they interupt a celebrity in their private time and demand photos and then when their unreasonable demands aren't met resort to childish nicknames. Grow up and realize he doesn't have to accomodate you 24/7.

Life with the Ellwoods said...

That is hilarious!!!!

Breanna said...

I loved this story :) Haha! Definitely made me laugh! :)

tara said...

hahahah!!! love this! totally something i would do!

The Vox said...

Bahaha that is hilarious!! Coolest friend ever. I don't think she's crazy. It's called guts. She casually walked up to him and asked. Not tackle him. It's not childish either. It was a public LA!

I hope she framed one of those pictures!

Casey said...

What a douche! BUT y'all have the greatest story ever now. My only celebrity moment was seeing the crocodile hunter's family at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, and I didn't ask for a picture. (The Mister is still mad about that)

Amber said...

Hahaha! This is hilarious, and I totally would've done the same thing. I can't believe he said no to a pic though - def a douche.

bailey j said...

this is the best story ever! and awesome proof of how tabloids turn things into things they are not aha. she is awesome!!

i have read so often that he is a douche and this is proof of that too!

Kate said...

Haha! I had no idea that was the story of Alex and LaDouche. That is soo funny!

Kate said...

Ps. That anonymous person needs to get a sense of humor. Maybe it's Shia himself!

Hillary Lynne Glaser said...

Gotta love 15 minutes of fame! This totally brought a smile to my face - I miss TRL. Thanks for recalling the good memories!

Carly Ann said...

LOL, that is amazing.

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