Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bouquets and Garters

Everyone knows the age-old myth that whoever catches the bouquet and garter at the wedding are next to marry.  What I've never quite understood is whether that means they are to marry each other (always awkard when a tween catches the bouquet and senior citizen the garter) or what.  But in my family, the little bouquet-garter good luck has worked not once, but twice!

Gardening Mom and Hat Dad, when they were just newly dating, attended the wedding of Hat Dad's own Dad, and guess what!  They caught the garter and the bouquet!  And what do you know, they were the next people the get married!  (Side note: I'm pretty sure the wedding was their first official date, and don't even get me started on wedding etiquete and how totally not approp that was - although glad it happened, of course!)

Quite a few years later...

At the wedding of these two lovebirds:

Cousin Ronomon and his wife, Tutor Girl!

...which handsome couple caught the bouquet and garter?

Me and Handsome Hubs, March 2009

And not only were we the next to get hitched - we got engaged less a month later!

I am totally a believer in this myth!

And you know what that means for these two...

Twin Unicorn and her boyfriend, who caught the garter at our wedding!

Do you believe in the bouquet blessing and the garter myth?


Kate said...

I didnt know this little treasure fact! So cute :)

Julie said...

A friend of mine, and her fiance, had it arranged for the two of them to catch each item because their wedding was the April after our July one. I believe in that!!

Nicole Rene said...

awwwwwww that is reallllly cute!!!! :)

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