Friday, August 3, 2012

Extreme AZ, According to Cute Apartment

Hello StressCase Friends! It's Cute Apartment, from Diary of a Blonde, signing in for yet another fabulous guest blog post for Nurse Bestie.

I have been in a massive blogging hiatus, but stop on over and check it out. I've finally been feeling inspired again and will be a blogosphere regular once again. WooHoo!

Back on track...

In honor of her yearly Arizona Weekend Vacay coming up, Nurse Bestie asked me to write about the amazing time that we had last year. And I've got pictures! Obviously I said yes. Especially because I won't be able to go this year. *sniffle*

This is what we did:

First, before leaving for our 4 hour drive, Nurse Bestie and I tackled Costco in our heels and sundresses. Shopping for 12 people. Half of which were boys.

This is how we felt after loading enough alcohol to run a bar, and meat and snacks to feed an army into her small sedan. She posted this on my facebook later and I love it because, well. Girls Rock!

Once we got to the AZ House we slipped into something a leetle more comfortable. (Apparently the guys' tee shirts were bothersome.) And played some beer-pong in the living room. We're classy like that.

We also enjoyed some cocktails and festive cookies that I made! It was 4th of July Weekend after all.

The next morning we woke up early. Had cereal and pancakes and then got our crunk on. The boys went to the river and set up our stuff while the girls packed up and made lunch. We still like to keep the gender roles in line. It felt very Mad Meneqsue.

On our way to the Colorado River!

I love this picture.

This one is another favorite. It looks like the girls are having a dance party. But if you look behind the two men lovingly spraying sun block on each other you can see a speck above the sprayee's shoulder. Yep. We were being splash attacked! By a rude boy!

This is the rude boy enjoying his air floaty. Naturally I pointed him out for the camera.

Real life Disney Princesses. In Order. 


Me and Nurse Bestie. I'm planning on changing her nickname to Jesus Jugs (I'm sure you can see why) a la OC Housewives. Stay tuned for a blog post at Diary of a Blonde initiating this.


After a very fun and tiring day at the river we came back and played Chum Bucket. I was going to explain the rules now, but its complicated. Maybe this will be another fun blog post to watch out for.


We did the same thing as day 1. 

We got clever though, and put our beach chairs in the water to cool off.

And we laughed!

And laughed!!

Also on this day, the drinking got to the best of us and we got cocky. Here I am kicking Fashionista's ass at chicken. Her memory is a little cloudy from the bud light, but I won.

See what I mean? Evidence at the top and the culprit is fast asleep. I saw victory again when I snapped this awesome photo.

Girls in new sets of swimwear!

The boys dropped the girls off at home while they went back to load up the beach gear. We prepped for a surprise balloon war! It did not end up in our favor! 

And then we. Er, most of us enjoyed a delicious Mexican meal that night!

And there you have it. That was our fabulous 4th of July Arizona Weekend, graciously hosted by Jesus Jugs and her ginger hubs. I'm sure that this year will be just as fun, Im sorry I'm gonna miss out!



Amber said...

You girls have way too much fun! ;)

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