Friday, August 24, 2012


Inspired by some gorgeous nude sparkles Twin Beauty School was rocking on her nails when I saw her last weekend, I went for some subtle but fun sparkles this week on my nails:

As you beauty mavens probably already know, love & beauty is Forever 21's beauty brand.  Their products seem to be very hit or miss (their eyeshadow for example...a no go), but I have had great success with their polish!  Their names are nothing to write home about though, as you can see this fabulous cover is named simply, "Magenta".

Best part about love & beauty polish?
The price.

$2.80 for a sparkly glitter?!


Blue Dog Belle said...

love this! Have a great weekend love!

Crystal said...

I think it's awesome when you find a product that you love that is a great price, makes me happy! Pretty glitter!

jami lynn said...

The nude nail with sparkles is gorgeous! I've seen the polishes there, they have some great colors - plus, you can't beat $2.80 with a stick!

tara said...

love me some good cheap nail polish! so pretty!

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

Definitely at cheaper prices... it's very hit or miss. But looks like a great find!

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