Friday, August 31, 2012

Is It Fall Yet?

With August came a heat wave, new starts for so many people, and a love of waiting on our househunt.  Check out what else we did this month!

In August...

We headed to the desert for a weekend of booze, river time, and friends for our annual trip: Extreme Arizona.

Handsome Husband and I celebrated our four-year "dating" anniversary by heading to the OC Fair and catching an All American Rejects concert!

I caught up with an old friend, Ms. Art Teacher (who recently resigned and should now be called Ms. Professional, but for continuity's sake we'll keep her as Ms. AT!), when we had quite the romantic dinner for two.

San Juan Capistrano

Best Friend Cute Apartment and I had a long overdue girls night, where we hit up happy hour and walked the mall.  Girl talk was much needed.

Mother-in-Law Red, Gardning Mom and myself headed to Chapman Law School for their "Parents and Partners" Orientation for incoming law students, where we learned many things: lawyers are the most amazing society of people ever to have existed on the earth (I shit you not, they asserted this to us), and HH is in for a rough four years.  Good thing he's got such an amazeballs support system rooting him on!


MIL Red hosted a fun afternoon at her beachside apartment where we got to learn about new skin products, eat some yummy munchies, and some of us even got a facial out of the day!

Handsome Husband was an awesome DD when he drove us, along with Cute Apartment and her boyfriend, Number Cruncher, up to LA to celebrate Best Friend Fashionista's birthday at a lively restaurant in LA - Tokyo Delves.

Birthday Girl Fashionista!

HH had his very first day of law school!

We said some sad, but oh so exciting goodbyes to Sisters Singer and Swimmer as they headed off to college, to live somewhere else other than home for the first times in their lives! 

We got together to celebrate Cousin Ronomon's birthday with a BBQ lovingly hosted by his fabulous wife, Tutor Girl.

Clockwise from upper left: Cousin Teeny Girl posing like a lil cutie, Lil C gettin' his cupcake on, Cousin Ronomon opening presents, and the family playing bocce ball.

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