Thursday, August 2, 2012

Extreme Arizona

Tonight, I am going to need a sedative because I am going to be packed tight into a truck with four men in their early twenties for four hours.  I hardly survive being around my one 24-year-old man, God please grant me the patience to make it through this car ride with all of us alive.

Why am I torturing myself like this jetting off with the boys, you ask?

Extreme Arizona.

A little tradition we came up with circa 2008, that involves lots of friends, lots of booze, a little house on the river in Arizona, and some bathing suits.  It's really pretty simple, and it is crazy kinds of fun.

Special Shout-Out to Best Friend Swagger for being at every.single.AZ weekend!
All will be quiet on the airwaves from me for a few days, but Cute Apartment might just be checking in tomorrow, and I'll be back Monday - promise.


Nicholl Vincent said...

Saw your blog name and was immidiately drawn, a girl after my own heart!

Drop by and say hello! Have a great day!

Tiffany said...

Have fun in my homestate :)

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