Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Hunt To Homeownership: Escrow's Not a Real Word

This is actually not related to our current sitch, one I'm keeping slightly hush hush on until I've got real news, just thoughts from a crazy Stress Case trying to buy a house.

Here's the thing.

A word should have one meaning, maybe two if it's real wacky.

But, "Escrow"?
Not a real word.

Just think of how many ways people use it! 

"We're opening escrow!"

"Oh, we're in escrow."

"Escrow is preparing those."

"Have you talked to escrow lately?"

"I've got to go to escrow to pick something up."

"We just closed escrow!"

So, what the eff is escrow anyways?
Cause something that can be used as a noun, verb, action, and location - sounds like a myth to me!

Guess I should have picked this page-turner up.

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