Monday, April 1, 2013

Kiss Me, It's April

In March...

We returned home from our East Coast Vacation, which you can read about HERE.  Look out for another vacation recap coming this week!

I hosted a birthday dinner for Hat Daddy-o, and made the most adorable miniature desserts, also coming to a Stress Case blog post near you soon!

Gardening Mom and I made it all the way to Pasadena to check out the famous Rose Bowl Flea Market, and walked away with two wooden ducks (Mom, not me).  It was at the same time slightly overhyped and completely overwhelming.

I turned the big 2-5 and my generous parents took me and Handsome Hubs to a wonderful surf and turf dinner at Fleming's Steakhouse in Newport Beach to celebrate.

Handsome Hubs and I hosted a birthday party to celebrate our 25th birthdays (we are a week apart!).  The theme was Tacky Las Vegas, which you can read more about HERE.

San Diego friends!

Me and Twin Unicorn on the L, Best Friend Swagger and I on the R

St. Patrick's Day came, and with it came Tutor Girl and Cousin Ronomon's new bundle of joy, Lucky P.

HH and I with P on St. Patty's

A week after me, HH turned 25, and we had a fancy date night at the movies.  Have y'all heard of Cinepolis?  It's amazeballs, gotta check it out.

Mother-in-Law Red and Mr. Bear hosted a yummy Italian birthday dinner for us to celebrate our big days with HH's fam.

Cousin Study Buddy turned a year older, and we got together over Mexican food and Coors Lights (and funfetti cake!) to celebrate!

We had a little belated dinner with my family at our place to celebrate HH's birthday with his all-time favorite dinner - Salsa Chicken.

We ended the month with a family fun day at Grandpa Beach Bum's to celebrate two awesome things: Easter, and Cousin Teeny Girl's 5th birthday!  

R: Cousin Teeny Girl aka The Birthday Girl! L top: The Heartfelt Family, R bottom: Me and Lucky P


Julie said...

Those lounges for the movies are popping up all over STL. While the prices aren't that nice, we have gone to a few and they are quite comfy!

Shellsea said...

Cinepolis looks amazing. March sounded like an amazing month! Great pictures from Easter :) Love them. I also love the nickname Lucky P or just P. Woo!

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